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H.F. Given Family Tomb - Smithland Cemetery

One of the most beautiful monuments in Smithland Cemetery is the H.F. Given Family Tomb. The land for the monument was purchased  on 19 July 1860, a few months after the death of Adaline C. Haynes Given, wife of H.F. Given.[1]

The tomb is almost 160 years old and has witnessed a great deal of history, including the occupation of Smithland by the Federal Army during the Civil War. The tomb needs some very costly repairs to insure it survives for future generations to enjoy. The Smithland Cemetery Committee welcomes donations to help defray the cost of these repairs. Donations may be sent to Smithland Cemetery Fund, Smithland City Hall, 310 Wilson Avenue, PO Box 287, Smithland, Kentucky 42081. Any queries may be directed to Smithland City Hall at 270-978-2446.

 H.F. Given Family Tomb 2013

Front of H.F. Given Family Tomb 2013

Top of Tomb
In Memory of Adaline C. Given

Front, Panel 1
Dickson Given  born July 3, 1784   died Jan. 7, 1830      Epitaph:   He spent his life serving his friends and the public.

Mrs. Nancy Ramsey  born Oct. 23, 1791  Married to Dickson Given  Feb. 26, 1807    Married to Jonathan Ramsey  1832[2]   Died Feb. 3, 1854 [3]           Epitaph:  Unreadable

Esther A.  Daughter of Dickson & Nancy Given & Wife of W.P. Fowler  Born July 22, 1809  Died July 1, 1847

Front, Panel 2
Adaline C.  Daughter of C & S. Haynes   Wife of H.F. Given  Born Apr. 30, 1814  Died in the City of New Orleans Jan. 9, 1860

H.F. Given  born in Livingston Co, Ky July 7, 1811   Died Oct. 13, 1873

Front, Panel 3
Joseph R. Given  Born 1779  Died Oct. 3, 1832 in the 53 year of his life

Elizabeth wife of J.R. Given  died Feb. 27, 1833 in the 39 year of her age

Mary  sister of Dickson & Joseph R. Given and wife of Dr. J.A. Whyte  died Oct. 4, 1832 in the 55 year of her age

Back, Panel 1
Sarah  Wife of C. Haynes died June 11, 1849  Aged 72 years

C. Haynes died Dec. 14, 1844  Aged  [damaged] years[4]

W.B. Haynes born Jan. 18, 1804  died at Hickman, Ky July 15, 1830
By strange hands thy dying eyes were closed
By strangers hands thy decent limbs composed
By strangers thy humble grave adored
By strangers honored and by strangers mourned.
                                                 By his sister  A.C. Givens

Back, Panel 2
Annie  wife of H.F. Given  Born in Henderson Co, Ky Aug. 9, 1840  Died Apr. 17, 1900

Geo. Milford  Son of E.P. & Elizabeth Haynes  Died March 31, 1851

[No epitaphs]

Back, Panel 3

 Back of H.F. Given Family Tomb 2013

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[2] Joyce McCandless Woodyard, Livingston County, KY Marriages, Vol. 1 (Oct 1799-July 1839),  (Smithland, KY: no. pub. 1992), 115. Jonathan Ramsey married Mrs. Nancy Given, widow, 23 Oct 1831 Livingston County.
[3] Jonathan Ramsey, age 74 and born Tennessee, and Nancey Ramsey, age 58 and born Kentucky, were enumerated on the 1850 Cole County, Missouri census., Roll M432_393, p. 243A,
[4] The recording of Mrs. Berna Presnell McChesney in "The Old Cemetery at Smithland, Kentucky," The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society, Vol. 41, 1943, p. 239 lists his age at death as 70. The 1840 Livingston County, Kentucky census shows Christopher Haynes between the ages of 60 and 70.

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George M. and Melissa Lowey

George M. Lowey
June 9, 1857
Oct. 31, 1905

Melissa Lowey
April 1, 1868
Sept. 21, 1942

Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 10 December 2018.

George M. Lowey and Melissa B. Smith married 10 June 1883 Caldwell County.[1]  On the marriage bond, George M. Lowey stated he was 26, a grocer and was born in North Carolina and lived in Princeton, Kentucky. His father was born in Tennessee and his mother was born in Kentucky. Melissa Smith  was 15 years old when she married and was a resident of Princeton.  Mattie Smith, mother of the bride, gave written consent for the marriage license to be issued.

George M. and Lizzie Lowey were enumerated on the 1900 Caldwell County census.  Living in their household were children, James S., Clara, Margaret and George, plus George's mother in law, Mattie Smith.[2]

According to her death certificate, [3] Melissa Lowey was born in Logan County, Kentucky, was the widow of Geo. M. Lowey. Her parents were Alonzo Smith, born Boston, Massachusetts , and Martha Williams, born Virginia.

[1] Brenda Joyce Jerome. Caldwell County, Kentucky Marriages 1874-1884, (Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery, 2008) 158.
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Martha Emma Hill - World War I Nurse

When the United States entered World War I in 1917, the Army Nurse Corp was only 17 years old. There were only 403 nurses on active duty and 170 on reserve duty at that time.[1] One of those nurses was Martha Emma Hill.

Miss Hill graduated from Henderson, Kentucky Hospital shortly after the turn of the 19th century and served there as a nurse before going on active duty during the war.[2] Miss Hill enlisted 15 July 1918 and was discharged 30 May 1919.  She was stationed at Base Hospital #59 in France. [3]

After the war, Miss Hill was a nurse for the Babies Milk Fund, which later became the Public Health Nursing Association. She was also a private duty nurse before retiring in 1948.[4]

The daughter of Virgel James Hill and Martha Jane Austin, Miss Hill was born 25 September 1874 in Kentucky and died 17 November 1959 Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.[5] Survivors included two sisters, Mrs. Rose Galloway and Mrs. Luzetta Freeman, both of Evansville. A bronze government marker is over her grave in Lot 520, Space 2 in Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson.

[1] "Army Nurse Corps: Introduction, Purpose and Introduction to Contribute Content," The United States World War I Centennial Commission,, accessed 9 Dec 2018.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

James Ferguson 1828 - 1851

James Ferguson
March 24, 1828
June 5, 1851

Buried Ferguson Cemetery, Livingston County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 21 Feb 2017.

James Ferguson was a son of Hamlet Ferguson, who died in 1840 and is also buried in Ferguson Cemetery. James was living with his brother, Robert,  in Livingston County in 1850.[1]

No record, thus far, has been found that tells us what took the life of this young man, who had barely reached his maturity, but we do know that cholera took many lives in western Kentucky during June of 1851. The Louisville Courier of June 18th reported the following about the cholera: "At Smithland there were three or four deaths last week. At Owensboro there have been some three or four deaths during the past few days."[2]  The Louisville Courier also reported that "the cholera has been prevailing with some severity at Princeton."[3]

[1] 1850 Livingston County, Kentucky census, Roll M432_210, p. 384A, image 459,
[2] Daily American Telegraph of Washington, District of Columbia, 24 June 1851, p. 2,
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Because Someone Says It Doesn't Make It So

How many times have you seen on some one's family tree where a child was born when the mother was five years old or younger? Or maybe a man fathered a child when he was over 100 years old.  Ok, Ok, maybe these are extremes, but you get the idea. If something doesn't look right, it probably isn't right.

If a man seems to be chasing himself - living first in one place and then in another and then back to the first place - maybe you are chasing two different men with the same name. That happened with my ancestor, John E. Wilson,  who lived  in Livingston County, Kentucky until 1842. After 1842, he was found in Crittenden County. A man by that same name, including the middle initial, was a merchant in Livingston County at the same time.  Both had wives named Nancy. Were they one and the same or two different men?  By comparing deeds and other records for the two men, it was determined that my ancestor was the man living on Crooked Creek in what became Crittenden County. He was buried in Crooked Creek Cemetery, Crittenden County.  The other man of that name lived in Smithland in Livingston County and had to be the man buried in Smithland Cemetery.  It may take a little time to separate the records for the two men, but it works.

If names, dates and events seem beyond the realm of possibility, don't be afraid to question the sources and, by all means, don't accept it just because someone else says it is so, especially if you are depending on those online family trees.

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Sarah J. Minner Moore 1828 - 1887

Gone Home
Sarah J.
wife of
George N. Moore
& Daughter of
Daniel & Margaret
Dec. 28, 1828
Mar. 31, 1887

Buried in Hurricane Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 19 July 2018.

On the 17th of October 1853, George N. Moore obtained a license to marry Sarah J. Minner in Crittenden County.[1]  No marriage return was recorded.

George and Sarah J. Moore last appear together on the 1880 Crittenden County census.[2] George N. Moore remarried to Mrs. Nannie E. Jacobs on the 4th day of December 1887.[3]

[1] Kentucky County Marriages 1783-1965, Crittenden County 1853, George N.B. Moore and Sarah J. Minner,
[2] 1880 Crittenden County census, Hurricane Dist., Roll 410, p. 66C, E.D. 57, dwelling 104, family 104,
[3] Kentucky County Marriages 1783-1965, Crittenden County  1887, George N. Moore and Mrs. Nannie Jacobs,

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Winter Book Sale!

Winter Sale of Genealogy Books   There is only one copy of each of these books as they are from my personal library. Contact me to make sure they are still available before ordering.

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