Monday, October 6, 2008

Find the Clues in this Deed

Here is another great deed that provides family information. It can be found in Deed Book 7, page 183 - 184, Crittenden County Clerk’s Office, Marion, Kentucky. Don’t you wish this type of information could be found for all of our ancestors!

“Whereas A.B. Rankin of Crittenden County Departed this life intestate on the 23rd day of April 1898 and was at the time of his Death the owner to several Hundred acres of land and other personal property including notes &c. Now, in consideration of the sum of $800 to me in hand paid, one Jersey Cow, by W.B. Rankin and J.L. Rankin, T.A. Rankin, S.C. Holdman and R.L. Rankin, children of said A.B. Rankin Deceased, I hereby sell convey unto said parties, all of my Homestead & Dower right in and to all of the entire Estate of said A.B. Rankin Deceased, including all the lands Houses, lots & all of the personal property of every Kind & description, that said A.B. Rankin owned or claimed to be the owner of at the time of his death, including money, notes, choses in action, whether in Crittenden Co Ky or elsewhere; also all my right of Dower in and to any Estate that he may be entitled to from any other source, whatever since his death, and I hereby surrender peaceable possession of all of said property to said parties ... but I am not in any manner whatever to be responsible for any debt or demand of any kind that may be in existence against the estate of said A.B. Rankin dec’d ...” [signed] Nancy Rankin. Deed of conveyance from Nancy Rankin, widow of A.B. Rankin Dec’d, to W.B., J.L., T.A. & R.L. Rankin & Sally C. Holdman, was on 14th day of November 1898 produced and acknowledged by Nancy Rankin to be her act and deed. Recorded 18 November 1898.


Kelly Rankin Smiley said...

Hi Brenda, Abia Rankin was my great, great, great grandfather, and I’m wondering if you’d be willing to help me trace back a bit more to his parents, John Rankin and Elizabeth Clay Rankin? I’ve hit a wall with John, supposedly from a Virginia line of Rankins, as from a previous post of yours, I find a financially wealthier John Rankin in Mason, KY, who’s children don’t reflect Abia Benjamin Rankin. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Kelly Rankin Smiley

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Kelly, please contact me at


Kelly Rankin Smiley said...

Just saw this and will do! Thanks!!