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Webster County, Kentucky Divorces 1869 - 1870

The following entries have been abstracted from Webster County, Kentucky Circuit Court - Civil Orders, vol. 1 (1867-1872), which is available on To order copies of the case files, which contain details of the law suit, go Here

11 Feb 1869, p. 195:  Louisa Lamb, plaintiff,  vs B.F. Lamb, defendant.  Plaintiff is divorced from defendant and restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried woman. Each party is to have all property which they owned at the date of their marriage not disposed of during their covenant.  Plaintiff's maiden name of Louisa Shelton restored to her.

18 Aug 1869, p. 278:  Felix G. Doris, plaintiff,  vs Eliza Ann Doris, defendant.  Bonds of matrimony hereto existing between the parties is hereby dissolved and plaintiff is divorced and he is restored to the rights and privileges of an unmarried man. Plaintiff is to pay costs of this action.

18 Aug 1869, p. 278:  Elizabeth Price, plaintiff, vs Geo. W. Price.  Bonds of matrimony dissolved  and plaintiff is restored to rights of an unmarried woman and her maiden name of Elizabeth James. Plaintiff is to have exclusive custody and control of her three children, Sarah H., George W. and Daniel W. Price, to the total exclusion of their father. Each party restored to all property acquired through each other by reasons of their marriage not disposed of by them. Plaintiff to pay costs of this suit.

16 Feb 1870, p. 296:  Lafayett Johnson, plaintiff, vs N. Johnson, defendant. Bonds of matrimony dissolved and he is restored to the rights of an unmarried man.

11 Aug 1870, p. 366:  Jesse L. Benton, plaintiff, vs Mary E. Benton, defendant.  Defendant summoned and failed to appear. Plaintiff released from bonds of matrimony and restored to all rights of an unmarried man. Each party is restored to all property not disposed of at the commencement of this suit.

11 Aug 1870,  p. 367:  S.T. Satterfield, plaintiff, vs Mary A. Satterfield, defendant. Defendant is a non-resident summoned 60 days before filing of this suit and failed to appear. S.T. Satterfield divorced from defendant and restored to all rights of an unmarried man. All property not disposed of at commencement of this suit to be restored to parties.

11 Aug 1870, p. 378:  Susan Price, plaintiff, vs G.J. Price, defendant. Motion of  plaintiff for the care and custody of her children, it appearing defendant is in possession of Nancy, John, Sarah and Nancy and he is not the proper person to have custody of them. Sheriff to take possession of children and restore them to the custody of the plaintiff.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Illinois Marriages of Kentucky Couples 1923

Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Illinois has long been a popular destination for Kentucky couples wanting to get married. Illinois marriage laws were such that the couple could cross the river, get married and be home again before the parents were even aware the couple had tied the knot. These marriages were usually reported in the weekly Hardin County newspaper, the Independent. The following marriage notices are from 1923.

Clarence Nesly and Miss Verna Holloman, both of Marion, Ky, were married at E'town Monday January 8th. Esq. James Manhart officiating.  [11 Jan 1923, p. 3]

Mr. Vick [1] of Marion, Ky and Mrs. Rose Frayser were married recently in Shawneetown. We wish them much joy.  [18 Jan 1923, p. 2]

Married at the Birch Hotel, Sunday, February the 18th, Della Watson of Carrsville, Ky, and Miss Ethel Riley of Livingston [County], Ky. Rev. E.W. Scarber officiating.  [22 Feb 1923, p. 2]

On Sunday Goebel Pearson, age 21 and Miss Arley Singleton, age 18, both of Lola, Ky, came over to Elizabethtown and after securing the necessary permit from county clerk Hurford, called into service Police Magistrate J.A. Oxford, who pronounced them husband and wife.  [1 Mar 1923, p. 2]

Oscar Day, aged 22, and Miss Martha Yoles, age 18, both of Caseyville, Ky, were united in marriage at Elizabethtown, Ill., Friday March 23rd, J.A. Manhart, Esquire officiating.  [29 Mar 1923, p. 1]

James McDonald, age 55, and Lillie Lowless, aged 31, both of Carrsville, Ky, were married by Rev. Scarber Sunday, March 25th.  [29 Mar 1923, p. 1]

Marriage License since our last report:  Albert Lane, age 27, of Carrsville, Ky and Lemma Vick, age 19, of Carrsville, Ky.   [3 May 1923, p. 3]

Marriage Licenses:  Herman Bigham, age 21, of Sturgis, Ky and Nannie L. Dean, 19, of Sturgis, Ky. Also Floyd King, age 28 of Marion, Ky and Mildred Kaylor, age 21 of Rosiclare, Ill.  [17 May 1923, p. 2]

George Nichols, age 24 of Rosiclare, Ill., and Bessie Monroe, age 18, of Lola, Ky, were married at the County Clerk's office, Tuesday evening, July 17th. Police Magistrate J.A. Oxford officiating.  [19 Jul 1923, p. 2]

Weddings of the Week:  Wm. Shadowens of Crittenden [County], Ky, and Miss Flora Scarbough of Tiline, Ky, were married by Police Magistrate J.A. Oxford Sunday, August 12th, also W.E. Woodsell of Marion, Ky and Miss Clyde Orren of Lexington, Ky, Squire Oxford officiating.  Ray Lynch of Crittenden [County], Ky and Miss Carrie Rogers of Tolu, Ky were married at the County Clerk's office, E'town, Saturday evening, August 11th, Judge E.N. Hall officiating.  [16 Aug 1923, p. 2]

[1] 1930 Hardin County, Illinois census, Cave-In-Rock, p. 1, E.D. 0002, Lee E. Vick, age 59, born Kentucky, wife Rosie J. Vick, age 56, born Illinois, son Carl C. Frayser, age 34 and daughter-in-law Georgia Frayser, age 21. Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths Index 1916-1947 shows his name as Leonidas Vick at the time of his death on 20 Dec 1937 at the age of 65.

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Childress Cemetery - Caldwell County, Kentucky

Childress Cemetery is located between Otter Pond and Cobb in Caldwell County, Kentucky. This cemetery was recorded by the late Glenn Martin of Princeton, Kentucky on 14 October 1975 and was given to me by Mr. Martin in the mid-1990s.

Sarah J. wife of C.H. Thompson
Born March 8, 1849
Died Dec. 7, 1893

Nancy I.  wife of B.F. Ethridge 
Born March 26, 1847
Died Dec. 25, 1875 
Age 27 years  8 mos.

William Childress
Born July 13, 1827
Died April 27, 1871

William Childress, Sr. 
Born Oct. 11, 1785
Died Nov. 8, 1865

Nancy Childress wife of
William Childress, Sr.
Born April 14, 1792
Died Dec. 8, 1864

Martha E. Daughter of
R.C. & M. Childress
Born Feb. 20, 1861
Died Feb. 17, 1864

Floyd, son of
B. & M.J. Davis
Born Feb. 17, 1889
Died Feb. 27, 1889

Necie Pearl, daughter
of B. & M.J. Davis
Born Aug. 12, 1897
Died Sept. 7, 1899 
[on same stone as Floyd Davis]

Mary Hattie Davis
Born July 13, 1895
Died Dec. 27, 1901

Clint Davis
Born Dec. 21, 1899
Died Nov. 1, 1902

Thomas E. Childress, Father
Born Sept. 15, 1857
Died Jan. 28, 1900

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Livingston County, Kentucky Guardian Appointments 1869

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was a minor (under the age of 21 years). The parents may or may not have been living. At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian with the court's approval. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian.  In 1869 the appointment of a guardian was recorded in the county court order books (minutes) as well as in a separate guardian bond book. The following information has been abstracted from Livingston County, Kentucky Guardian Bond Book C (1863-1878) and County Court Order Book M. The notation in brackets refers to the county court order book and the page number. For example, M:539 refers to county court order book M, page 539.

E.S. Sills and J.B. Sills, over the age of 14 and infant heirs of J.J. Sills dec'd, chose A.J. Donakey as their guardian. Sureties: J.W. Donakey, W.P. Peek, W.T. Champion. 4 Jan 1869. [M:539]

A.J. Donakey was appointed guardian to Martha Sills, infant heir of J.J. Sills. Sureties: W.T. Champion, W.P. Peek, J.W. Donakey.  4 Jan 1869.[M:539]

W.P. Smullen was appointed guardian to Joanna Martin, Lewis Martin and Mary Martin, infant heirs of Wm. Martin dec'd. Sureties: G.G. Rappolee, K.B. Johnson.   4 Jan 1869. [M:541]

John C. Harris, Andrew J. Harris, Louisa J. Harris and Mary E. Harris, each over age 14 and the infant heirs of R.B. Harris dec'd, chose W.T. Champion as their guardian. Surety: J.W. Cade.   6 Jan 1869.  [M:544]

W.T. Champion was appointed guardian to Martha E. Cobb, under the age of 14. Surety: J.W. Cade.  6 Jan 1869. [M:544]

Kate Davis, infant orphan of T.M. Davis dec'd, selected Chas. B. Davis as her guardian, she being over age 14. Surety: Emily Davis.  16 Jan 1869.  [M:545]

Chas. B. Davis was appointed guardian to Frank Davis, under age 14 and the infant orphan of T.M. Davis. Surety: Emily Davis.  16 Jan 1869.  [M:545]

Martha W. Johnson, infant orphan of Levi Johnson dec'd, being over age 14, selected H.C. Byard as her guardian. Surety: S. Littlefield. 1 Mar 1869.  [M:555]

John W. Bell, infant heir of Levi Bell dec'd, chose David L. Bryant as his guardian. Surety: W.M. Threlkeld. 5 Apr 1869.  [M:558]

Geo. G. Rappolee was chosen guardian by Eliza, Emaline and Ben Egan Dunlap, all over age 14 and infant heirs of R.A. Dunlap. Rappolee was appointed guardian to Susan E., Andrew J. and Mary Dunlap, infant heirs of R.A. Dunlap, dec'd.  Surety: J.L. Hibbs.  5 Apr 1869.  [M:560]

Geo. C. Rappolee was appointed guardian to Leonara Hammons, infant heir of Geo. Hammons dec'd.  5 Apr 1869.  [M:561]

James W. Kayse was appointed guardian to his son, William J. Kayse, who is under the age of 14. Surety: Phillip Grassham. 5 Apr 1869.  [M:561] 

Aleander[sic] Hodge was selected by Mary C. Weller & Sarah P. Weller as their guardian. Surety: Octavius Hodge. 6 Sep 1869.  [M:597]

With the written consent of the mother of the children, O.G. Evertson was appointed guardian to Thurston W. Evertson, John R. Evertson and Lizzie Evertson, infant children of H.W. Evertson dec'd. Surety: Jos. Bridges.  6 Dec 1869.  [M:617]

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