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John H. and Jane E. Nimmo

At Rest
Jane E.
Wife of
J.H. Nimmo
1867 - 1937

Oct. 21, 1866
Oct. 30, 1922

Buried Mapleview Cemetery, Marion, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 19 July 2018. Note the WOW [Woodmen of the World] symbol above J.H. Nimmo's name.

The Nimmo family lived in Benton, Marshall County, Kentucky in 1900[1] and, shortly thereafter, moved to Marion, where J.H. Nimmo was an agent for the Watkins Medicine Company.[2]

According to the 1900 Marshall County and 1920 Crittenden County census[3]  records, John H. Nimmo and Jane E.  had the following children: William C., Rubenach, John R. and Joe E. Nimmo.  Miss Rubenach Nimmo was born 15 April 1894 and died 20 July 1910 in Marion. The funeral service was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nimmo. She is buried in Mapleview Cemetery.

According to her death certificate, Jane Nimmo was born 15 June 1867 Trigg County, Kentucky and died 13 January 1937 Crittenden County. Her name is given as Mary Jane Nimmo on her death certificate. Her father's name was -- Fergerson and her mother's name was unknown. The informant listed on her death certificate was W.C. Nimmo of Columbus, Ohio.[4]

John H. Nimmo unsuccessfully ran for office as the Crittenden County Sheriff in the primary of 1913, but lost to Gid Taylor. [5] In September of 1916, Nimmo took office as a member of the City Council.  [6] 

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Cameron Crockett

Mary Cameron Crockett
Dau. of
Richard & Ann Mary Stites
July 3, 1864
June 26, 1955

Buried in Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 19 April 2014.

Mary Cameron "Cammie" Stites was the daughter of Richard Stites, born 3 August 1832 and who married  Ann Mary [sic] Hopkins, who was born 17 October 1837.[1]   In the notice of her death, Mary Ann Stites, age 98, was described as "a great niece of Gen. Samuel Hopkins Jones, aide-de-camp of George Washington and surveyor who laid out Henderson."[2]

In 1887, Mary Cameron Stites married Ingram Crockett, former banker of Henderson and a son of a pioneer lawyer and orator of Henderson County.[3]

"Cammie" Stites Crockett died at Methodist Hospital in Henderson at the age of 90.[4] She was survived by sons, James Crockett of Massachusetts and Richard of California; daughter, Mrs. John Deedes of South Rhodesia, Africa; brothers, Hamilton Stites of California and Richard Stites of Henderson. [5]

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Thomas Hunter

Lexington, Ky
April 15, 1811
Princeton, Ky
Aug. 24, 1894

Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 2017.

Thomas Hunter married Miss Lucy Ann Rochester 23 February 1834 in Caldwell County. Her father, Nathaniel Rochester, gave permission for a marriage license to be issued.[1]  Shortly following the death of his wife, Thomas Hunter married Jane R. Crabb in Garrard County, Kentucky. [2]

An announcement of Thomas Hunter's death appeared in the 4 September 1894 issue of the Hopkinsville Kentuckian:    "Hunter - Mr. Thomas Hunter, the oldest citizen of Princeton, died on the 27 [sic] ult. He was 84 years old."[3]

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Livingston County, Kentucky Guardians 1874-1875

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was a minor (under the age of 21 years). The parents may or may not have been living. At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian with the court's approval. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian.  In 1874 - 1875 the appointment of a guardian was recorded in the county court order books (minutes) as well as in a separate guardian bond book. The following information has been abstracted from Livingston County, Kentucky Guardian Bond Book C (1863-1878) and County Court Order Books N and O. The notation is brackets refers to the county court order book and the page number. For example, N:414-415 refers to county court order book N, pages 414-415.

Charles Ross and Minnie Ross, both over age 14 and the infant heirs of C.C. Ross dec'd, selected B.J. Ross Jr. as their guardian.  5 Jan 1874.  [N:414-415]

Alexander M. Robertson and Mary Ann Robertson, each over age 14 and infant heirs of William T. Robertson dec'd, chose William H . Mitchell as their guardian.  24 Jan 1874.  [N:420-421]

William H. Mitchell appointed guardian of Nancy Jane Robertson, James Huey Robertson, Isaac Thomas Robertson, Messie Lucinda Robertson and Ann Robertson, each being under age 14 and infant heirs of William T. Robertson dec'd.  24 Jan 1874.  [N:421]

W.F. Ross, over age 14 and infant son of C.C. Ross dec'd, selected B.J. Ross Jr. as his guardian.  2 Mar 1874.  [N:422]

George M. Bush, over age 14 and infant son of R.R. Bush, selected John W. Bush as his guardian.  7 Apr 1874.  [N:443]

Solomon Littlefield appointed guardian of Almeda Coffield (of color), under age 14 and infant heir of Alexander Coffield dec'd (of color).  14 Jul 1874.  [N:469]

Mattie Leffler, over age14 and infant heir of J.S. Leffler, chose W.N. Leffler as her guardian.  7 Aug 1874.  [N:470]

Modenia E. Donakey, infant heir of M.W. Donakey, selected Vincent U. Donakey as her guardian.  7 Aug 1874.  [N:471]

John W. Ray appointed guardian of Malinda B. May, infant heir of J.J. May dec'd.  7 Sep 1874.  [N:474]

John W. Ray appointed guardian of Vinsey D. May, infant heir of J.J. May dec'd.  7 Sep 1874.  [N:474]

John Henry May, over age 14 and heir of J.J. May, selected R.H. May as his guardian.  7 Sep 1874.  [N:474]

Margaret J. Knight, over age 14 and infant heir of Clinton Knight dec'd, selected Geo. R. Bibb as her guardian.  9 Sep 1874.  [N:486]

Mary Coffield, over age 14 and infant heir of Spiere Coffield dec'd chose J.E. Parmley as her guardian.  19 Oct 1874.  [N:501

Charles Glasscock, over age 14, chose R.J. Robinson as his guardian  10 Feb 1875.  [N:534]

Mrs. E.L. Slesser (late Thompson), guardian for Robt. Thomas and Jessie Thompson, infant heirs of Theodore Thompson dec'd, filed her resignation and Albert W. Slesser was appointed guardian to Jesse Thompson, infant daughter of Theodore Thompson.  3 May 1875.  [N:553]

John W. Cotilla, George R. Cotilla, Thomas H. Cotilla and Saml. L. Cotilla, each being over age 14, selected their brother, William Cotilla, as their guardian.  3 May 1875.  [N:556]

M.A. Bolen, over age 14, heir of A.J. Bolen dec'd, selected T.L. Hopper as her guardian, former guardian, Thomas Jones, resigning.  3 May 1875.  [N:556]

Elijah Doom appointed guardian of his son, Willie Antony Doom.  5 May 1875.  [N:559]

M.A. LaRue appointed guardian of Sallie B. Samples and Mary C. Samples.  10 Aug 1875.  [O:36]

John W. Ray appointed guardian of Mary Elizabeth Fresh, infant heir of G.H. Fresh.  1 Nov 1875.  [O:65]

Wiley B. Williams and Norah M. Williams selected O.T. Williams as their guardian. 9 Nov 1875.  [O:72]

M.W. LaRue appointed guardian of Sallie B. Samples, Sophia B. Samples and Jas. E. Samples, heirs of James E. Samples. 10 Nov 1875.  [O:72]

William A. Hurley appointed guardian of Mary J. Lindsey, infant heir of James Lindsey dec'd.  27 Dec 1875.  [O:84]

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Dolly Walker

George Ann Walker
Dec. 13, 1848
Jan. 12, 1934

Buried Repton Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 14 March 2018.

George Ann Burton married Daniel B. Walker 12 April 1864 in Crittenden County.[1] They first appear together on the 1870 Crittenden County census with two young children, M.C. and H.D. Walker. [2] By 1920, Dolly Walker was living in Mississippi County, Missouri in the home of her son, John D. Walker.[3]

Dolly Walker's death notice states she was living in East Prairie, Missouri at the time of death. She was born and reared in  Crittenden County. Her two sons, John and Charlie Walker, accompanied her body back to Crittenden County for burial.[4]

According to her death certificate, Dolly Walker was born in Simpson County, Kentucky and was a widow at the time of her death.[5]  Her husband, Daniel Black Walker, was born 28 May 1839, died 31 August 1884 and is also buried at Repton Cemetery.[6]

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[6] Find A Grave Memorial #62272371, Daniel Black Walker.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Honoring All Veterans

Great Lakes National Cemetery, 
Holly, Michigan
3 October 2018

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Friday, November 9, 2018

And She Is An Heiress!

I'm taking a break from genealogy today to share an interesting newspaper notice of a marriage. This item appeared in the 19 November 1877 issue of the Evansville Journal (Evansville, Indiana).

"Mr. Tom O. Sugg ... for several  years very widely known in Evansville and vicinity, will lead to the hymeneal altar at Providence, Ky., tomorrow morning, Miss Amelia Given, daughter of John W. Given, a wealthy tobacco dealer of that section. The bride is not only handsome and bright, but is an heiress. The marriage is to take place at the residence of the bride's parents, and the happy couple [will] leave immediately for New Orleans."

Don't you wonder whose idea it was to call her an heiress?

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Disturbance on the River 1862

Steamboats were often commissioned into service to move  soldiers and supplies during the Civil War.  The Ohio River, a dividing line between the North and South, saw quite a bit of action. One event involved the Hazel Dell, which did transport service during the war.

During the foggy, early morning hours of the 14th of October 1862, rebel forces attacked the steamer Hazel Dell as she pulled into the wharf at Caseyville, Union County, Kentucky. Upon reaching the wharf, a number of guerrillas jumped aboard and took possession of the boat.

The rebels, numbering about 2000, were stationed nearby and were commanded by Col. Anderson of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Col. Johnson and Col. Martin. The rebels proceeded to take about $3000 worth of boots, shoes, clothing, sugar, coffee, lead and powder. Anything edible and wearable was confiscated plus even the boat's medicine chest was taken.

The U.S. mail agent, Mr. Duncan, and Lieut. Col. Olney of Shawneetown, Illinois, were taken prisoners and the mail was confiscated. Also taken were eight or ten free persons of color from Shawneetown

Capt. Clark, who had just purchased the Hazel Dell one month before the encounter with the rebel troops,  was given the choice of paying $3000 in cash or have his boat burned. He refused to pay and the rebels agreed not to burn the boat. Col. Johnson told Capt. Clark that he should not expect to make regular trips as the rebels now had sufficient force to command the river and if he did not catch him at one point, he would at another.

The leader of the rebels said his orders were to burn and destroy any boat found on the Ohio River after the first of November.

After being released, the Hazel Dell  started across the river to where the steamer  Campbell  was located. Men on board the Campbell thought the Hazel Dell was in possession of the guerrillas and fired two shots at her, but no one was injured.

It was later reported that the mail taken from the Hazel Dell was recovered.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Weston Family - Smithland Cemetery

This is one of my favorite photographs.  It was taken in Smithland Cemetery, Smithland, Kentucky.  In the foreground are the tombstones of the Weston family: (from left) 

Arthur, Son of R.C. and Juliann Weston;  died Nov. 26th 1849 age 5 years  10 mos. 12 days.

Richard  son of R.C. & Juliann Weston  June 22, 1850; died Feby 1851

Julia A.  Wife of R.C. Weston, died Oct. 28, 1854, aged 31 yrs.

Richard C. Weston  born Aug 4, 1815; died May 1st 1881.

For more information on the Weston family, go  Here

In the background is another family monument - the H.F. Given tomb, probably the most well known monument in Smithland Cemetery.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Livingston County, Kentucky Strays 1803

Stray records include not only livestock, but also boats and other water vehicles found adrift. The found item was taken before the local justice of the peace, appraised and a small fee paid. The "finder" had to swear he had not changed, defaced or altered any marks or brands on the item. If no one claimed it after a period of time, the found item could become the property of the finder. 

Stray Records are a good way to put a particular person in a particular place at a particular time. In 1803 Livingston County included all of the land now in the counties of Caldwell, Crittenden, Lyon and part of Trigg.  Eddyville was the county seat of Livingston County at this time.

The following entries have been abstracted from Livingston County Stray Book 1799 - 1852 in the Livingston County Clerk's Office, Smithland, Kentucky.

15 Feb 1803        Taken up by George Mays, a brown cow appraised to $7.  Joseph Reed, JP.

10 May 1803       Taken up by William Dean living on the waters of Livingston Creek, Livingston County, a bay mare appraised to $50.  Joseph Reed, JP.

30 May 1803       This may certify that the within subscribers have appraised a certain bay horse taken up by Samuel C. Clark and appraised to $40, Eddyville, Livingston County by Michael Purkel Senr. and John W. Throop.  Charles Stewart, JP.

2 Jul 1803             Taken up by Daniel Hazle Junr. on Deer Creek, a brown stud horse appraised to $90.  Jesse Ford, JP.

6 Oct 1803           Taken up by Lewis Pyburn, Cave Creek, a sorrel filly appraised to $20 by John Flint, James Greer and Arthur Williams.  John Stapleton, JP.

7 Dec 1803           A steer taken up by Joshua Gross living on dry fork of Sandy Creek, appraised to $7.  Jesse Ford, JP.

12 Nov 1803        A steer taken up by John Story and appraised by William Brister & Samuel Purtle to $15.  Joseph Reed, JP.

3 Dec 1803           Posted by William Brown Esqr., 5 head of hogs appraised by Arthur H. Davis and Zachariah Wade to amount of $9.   William Mitchusson, JP.

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