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Lyon County, Kentucky Estate Administrators 1867

In the absence of a will or death certificate, the date an administrator of an estate was appointed is a good way to determine the approximate date of a person's death. However, if the decedent had no property at the time of his death, there would be no estate to be settled. When an administrator was appointed, he or she had to sign a bond with at least one other person signing as security for the faithful performance of his duties as administrator. The following information has been abstracted from Lyon County, Kentucky Court Order Book B (1866-1874). The letters and numbers at the end of each entry show where the information is located. For example, OB:20 refers to Order Book B, page 20. Order Book B is available at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and at online at It should be noted that pages 98 and 99 in the digitized version of Court Order Book B in FamilySearch are very faded with page 99 being impossible to read.

John R. Fleming (at the instance of G.L. Cobb) having refused and fail to give additional security, is removed as administrator of Martha J. Fleming  and estate to be delivered to James J. Glenn, Public Administrator.  28 Jan 1867.  [OB:20]

Anny McElhaney appointed administrator of estate of her late husband, A.Y. McElhaney dec'd. 12 Feb 1867.  [OB:28]

Clarisa Horn, widow of John M. Horn dec'd, filed written declination of her right to administer on the estate of her late husband.  J.J. Glenn, Public Administrator, to take charge of decedent's estate. 25 Mar 1867. [OB:35]

Administration de bonis non of P.S. Holloway's estate granted to J.C. Holloway. Surety: J.M. Freeman. 25 Mar 1867. [OB:35]

Administration on the estate of Dicy Jones dec'd granted to J.J. Layton.  22 Apr 1867.  [OB:39]

Written declination of G.M. White and M. Hogan to administer on estate of George White dec'd filed in open court, it appearing Mrs. Catharine White who was administrator of sd. estate has departed this life, now ordered that the estate of George White dec'd be confided to James J. Glenn, Lyon County Public Defender. 10 Jun 1867. [OB:57]

On motion of Mrs. Mary G. Boon, widow of Jacob Boon dec'd, administration of her husband's estate granted unto James H. Leech. Surety: John Leech.  13 Jun 1867. [OB:57]

On motion of N.T. Braswell, estate of Mr. Phelps Harmon dec'd confided to James J. Glenn, Public Administrator. 13 Jun 1867.  [OB:58]

Administration upon the estate of Caleb Winters dec'd granted to Wm. T. Jeffrey on the motion of Solomon D. Winters. Sureties: John L. Irvan, Solomon D. Winters. 8 Jul 1867.  [OB:59]
On motion of Dr. J. Elliott ordered that the personal estate of Jane Brown dec'd confided to James J. Glenn, Public Administrator of this county.  22 Jul 1867.  [OB:66]

On motion of F.A. Wilson, the personal estate of Wilbourn Rowland dec'd confided to James J. Glenn, Public Administrator of Lyon County.  22 Jul 1867.  [OB:67]

The personal estate of William Stone dec'd confided to James J. Glenn, Lyon County Personal Administrator.  23 Sep 1867.  [OB:80]

The personal estate of James T. Stone dec'd confided to James J. Glenn, Public Administrator, William Stone, who was administrator, being dead.  23 Sep 1867.  [OB:82]

Administration of estate of Christopher H. Smith dec'd granted Thomas Wall. Surety: D.D. Wall.  4 Oct 1867.  [OB:82]

On motion of B.F. Smith Esqr, the other heirs having declined by writing to administer upon the estate of E.J. Smith dec'd, administration upon decedent's estate granted unto James H. Leech. Surety: John Leech. 16 Nov 1867.  [OB:93]

On motion of F.A. Wilson, ordered that personal estate of Wm. H. Yates be confided to James J. Glenn, Public Administrator. 23 Dec 1867.  [OB:97]

Sarah E. Moneymaker, widow of William Moneymaker dec'd, having filed her written [word illegible] of her right to administer on the estate of her late husband, in favor of W.L. Crumbaugh [remainder of entry faded out].  23 Dec 1867.  [OB:98]

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Update on St. Vincent Academy Old Records

Thanks to Edward Wilson,  Director of Archives for the Diocese of Owensboro, word comes that the Archives has several attendance books as well as the registration books for St. Vincent Academy of Union County, Kentucky.  Several people have inquired on this blog about records of St. Vincent.  The website for the Diocese Archives is Here

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Timeline of Sebree's Early Days

In 1896, W.Y. Allen, principal of Sebree School was asked to write a history of the town of Sebree, in Webster County, Kentucky. It was then published in the Earlington Bee on the 17 of December of that year on p. 4. This post is based on Prof.  Allen's history of Sebree.

1868:  Sebree founded; formerly known as Springdale.

1868:  L. & N. Railroad, which passes through Sebree,  completed.

1869:  J.H. Sizemore owned the first blacksmith shop.

1870:  Field Willingham built the first tobacco factory.

1870:  First church built by the Christians.  Now owned by Christians and General Baptists.

1872:  M.A. Pratt taught the first school.

1877:  James Caldwell owned the first livery stable.

1882:  The Methodist built a church on Charles Street.

1883:  A disastrous fire destroyed the north side of the business square on Main Street.

1885:  A Catholic church was built on Dixon Street.

1889:  A brick bank was built with a capital of $25,000.

1892:  Fire destroyed a tobacco factory and other business houses.

1894:  The Missionary Baptists built a church opposite the Methodist church.

1895:  Sebree Coal Company opened a mine.

1895:  A two-story courthouse built on Spring Street.

1896:  Fire burned the south side of the business square on Main Street.

As of this writing in 1896, Sebree can boast of a band. They have played for several fairs and rallies and went to Henderson when Hon. W.J. Bryan spoke.

Sebree's facilities for educating the children have increased, there is now a large, commodious building with modern improvements and is now under the principalship of Prof. W.Y. Allen of Madisonville, Ky.

Sebree is as good a health resort as can be found in this part of the state. Seldom will be found so many different kinds of water as are found here. The Chalybeate Spring, about a mile south of the depot, is a very healthful and thirst-quenching water. There are two hotels at the spring. Different kinds of water are found here, among which is an artesian well, said to be as healthful as the chalybeate.

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Suggestions For Christmas

Advertisement from The Crittenden Press, Friday, 8 December 1922, p. 5:

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Livingston County African American Marriages 1873 - 1874

The marriages for  African American couples for 1873 and 1874 are found in Livingston County Marriage Register for Freedmen 1866-1896 and Bond Book 1A, Livingston County Clerk's Office. The following abbreviations are used in this post:   B: Bondsman, Reg: Register,  BB1A:  Bond Book 1A.  The number following Reg: and BB1A: are the page numbers in those books. For example, Reg:34-35 refers to Register pages 34-35 and BB1A:171 refers to Bond Book 1A, page 171.

Reuben Watts and Luranda Dunning married 1 Mar 1873 by E.G. Leeper, JP at Anice Thompson's. Wit: Newton Baker, Dunk Woods. (bond 26 Feb 1873) B: R.S. Boyd. [Reg:34-35, BB1A:171]

William Davis and Harriet Hibbs married 1 May 1873 by W.M. Jones, minister, at Nelson Hibbs'. Wit: Dave Duley, Elbert Davis.  (bond 30 Apr 1873) B: David Duley.  [Reg:36-37, BB1A:173]

Thomas George and Paulina Duley married 31 Jul 1873 by C.S. Jones at Smithland. Wit: Tobe Pippin, Clifford Dooms, Peter Patterson. (bond 31 Jul 1873) B: John Pippin.  [Reg:36-37, BB1A:175]

Neal Rollins and Fannie Hibbs married 19 Sep 1873 by W.T. Cowper, JP at Nelson Hibbs'. Wit: Ned Hibbs, Lewis Nelson, Elbert Davis.  (bond 17 Sep 1873) B: David Duley  [Reg:36-37, BB1A:177]

John Pippin and Lizzie Cowper  married 16 Oct 1873 by E.G. Leeper, JP at the Colored Church. Wit: Henry Green, Clifford Dooms, Jones Pippin, Daniel Myers.  (bond 16 Oct 1873) B: James Pippin [Reg: 36-37, BB1A:179]

Elijah Crawford and Miss Mary Fort married 18 Dec 1873 by Lank Grissom at Sarah Fort's. Wit: Ben Clemens, Peter Barnett. (bond 18 Dec 1873)  B: Elbert Davis. Consent Birdsville, 17 Dec 1873: "Dear Sir, I authorize you to grant licens to Lige Crafford for my daughter Mary Fort." [signed] Sary Fort.  [Reg: 36-37, BB1A:181]

Osborn Williams and Rosa Leech married 8 Jan 1874 by C.L. Jones, minister, at her place of residence.  Wit: Mary Davis, Mary Baker, Ann Leech.  (bond 8 Jan 1874) B: Thomas George.  [Reg:38-39, BB1A:183]

Anderson Martin and Mrs. Belle Rowland married 19 Mar 1874 by Wm. Jones, M.G. at Livingston Church. Wit: George May, Andy Pringle.  (bond 7 Mar 1874)  B: Anderson Robertson.  [Reg:38-39, BB1A:185]

John Hibbs and Ellen Jennings married 15 Mar 1874 by Wm. Jones, M.G. at Little Bethel Church. Wit: Elbert Davis, Ned Rollins "on Hibbs farm."  (bond 12 Mar 1874) B: Nelson Hibbs.  [Reg:  38-39, BB1A:187]

Monroe Irvin and Ruthy Phillips married 3 May 1874 by Wm. B. Presnell, JP at the res. o f Jerry Phillips. Wit: Pink Wesson, Robert Calvert.  (bond 3 May 1874) B: Robert Calvert. [Reg: 38-39, BB1A:189]

James Robertson and Harriet Aydelott married 7 May 1874 at Smithland. Wit: Vincen Watts, Mrs. Mary Marshal, C. Noel. (bond 7 May 1874) B: Thomas George. (Reg:38-39, BB1A:191]

Byard Gardner and Miss Jane Dunning married 25 Jul 1874 by Rev. Charles Jones at Charles Jones'. Wit: S. Littlefield, Bedance Patterson, Ellen Jones. (bond 25 Jul 1874) B: James Robinson. [Reg:40-41, BB1A:193]

James Gray and Dicey Leeper married 12 Oct 1874 by C.L. Jones at Rev. C. Jones'. Wit: Nuten Baker, Kelly Knichols. (bond  12 Oct 1874) B: William Webb. [Reg:40-41, BB1A:195]

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Treasures Found in County Court Minutes 1852

I love county court minutes!  That is where you learn about all the business conducted by the county court - from the appointment of administrators and executors of estates to ordering men to work on the roads to anything else that needed to be recorded for posterity. Thank heavens, those long-ago county clerks recorded those appointments and events. It makes genealogical research so much more interesting.

Many years ago a long time researcher told me that if you want to know what is going on in a county to pull one of those big books of county court minutes off the shelf and read it page by page.  That is exactly what I did recently in the Caldwell County Clerk's Office in Princeton. I chose County Court Order Book H and found the following entries for 1852:

"Thomas Gregory came into court and made oath that Thomas Gregory dec'd who was reputed and believed to have been a Revolutionary Soldier, died in Caldwell County, Kentucky on or about the 1st of June 1813, leaving Sally Gregory, his widow, who survived him, and remained a widow until her death in same county and state on the 7th day of March 1844, leaving the following children, to wit: Samuel Gregory, Joseph Gregory and Thomas Gregory, the above named being her only surviving children."  [p. 145,  18 Oct 1852]

"Drury C. Mitchusson, Lewis Martin and Bartus Satterfield came into court and made [oath] that Lucretia Kevil, wife of Drury C. Kevil, whose maiden name was Mitchusson, now of this county, is the sister and consequently one of the heirs of E.F. Mitchusson dec'd, late of the county of [blank] state of Texas."  [pp 148-149,  18 Oct 1852]

"F.H. Hynes made oath that Sarah Bledsoe, widow of William M. Bledsoe, a pensioner of the United States, died in Caldwell County Kentucky at the house of Samuel Hynes and that she left Emily J. Bledsoe her only surviving heir, a minor, all of which is ordered copied and certified to the proper Department in Washington that she may draw the pension and extra pay to which her parents were entitled." [p. 166,  18 Dec 1852]

"Jesse Ritch made oath that William Ritch died in Caldwell County on or about the 30th day of August 1835 at his residence in sd. county and that his wife had died previously, Viz, about the [blank] day of April 1835 and that Willis Ritch who has filed his declaration for bounty land, for services performed by his father under the act granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers passed Sept 28th 1850, is the only heir of sd. William Ritch dec'd and is a non-resident of sd. county and state and a minor at the filing of his declaration."  [p. 169,  20 Dec 1852]

"Enoch P. George made oath that Ezekiel Rogers, who formerly lived in this county, died on or about the 31st day of August 1849, leaving Catharine Rogers, his widow, who died in this county on or about the 15th of April 1852, leaving as heirs Emily Rogers, Ann Rogers and Elizabeth Rogers; that Ezekiel Rogers during his lifetime was known and reputed, not by his neighbors but by his own declarations, to have been a Soldier in the Revolutionary War, but for what length of time he cannot say." [p. 170,  20 Dec 1852]

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Tombstone Tuesday - Fred Brown

Fred Brown
July 9, 1895
Dec. 28, 1928

Buried 29 December 1928 in Freedom Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Note the Woodman of the World emblem on his tombstone.  The tombstone was photographed 25 March 2015.

According to his death certificate, [1] Fred Brown was the son of Robt. C. Brown and Laura Ellen Gill, both of whom were born in Kentucky.  

Fred Brown registered for the military draft on 5 June 1917 in Crittenden County. [2] When he registered he stated he was married and was employed in farming for John M. Wilson.

In 1920 Fred Brown and his wife, Lela B. Watson Brown, were enumerated in Crittenden County.[3]  By 1930, Lela Brown, and her children Eugene Brown, Robert W. Brown, Bonny M. Brown, and her mother, India Watson, were living with Lela's father in law, Robert C. Brown. [4] Lela Watson Brown would later marry two more times before her death in 1983.[5]

[1] Kentucky Death Certificate #977 (1928), Fred Brown,
[2] U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918, Fred Brown,
[3] 1920 Crittenden County, Kentucky census, Roll T625_562, p. 5B, E.D. 52, Fred and Lela B. Brown,
[4] 1930 Crittenden County, Kentucky census, P. 10A, E.D. 0002, Robert C. Brown household,
[5] Find A Grave Memorial #58652175, Lela Watson Brown McEuen Sisk, born 1 May 1898; died 13 Jan 1983.

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