Thursday, April 26, 2018

Charles and Mattie McMican

Mattie J.
Wife of
Chas. McMican
Born Aug. 8, 1873
Died Aug. 12, 1895
Farewell Darling we will
ever cherish thy memory

Feb. 10, 1872
April. 15, 1907

Buried McMican Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Tombstones photographed 6 February 2013.

Charles McMican and Miss Mattie J. Gass married 8 March 1894 in Crittenden County. [1] The bride was the daughter of R.B. Gass. [2]  Mattie's obituary appear in the local newspaper slightly more than a year after her marriage. She had been ill a few weeks and left a husband and little child.[3]

Charles McMican married secondly to Miss Viola Claghorn.[4] Following her death, he married Sallie E. Fry in 1901.[5]

Charles McMican's life was cut short in April 1907 when he was shot and "mortally wounded" by Louis Sliger after McMican had shot Sliger.[6]  "The unfortunate affair is deplored by every one as both men have many friends and stood well in their respective neighborhoods ..." [7]

Charles McMican's burial occurred at McMican Cemetery on Fords Ferry Road near Crooked Creek in Crittenden County.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Wm. Phillips

Wm. Phillips
June 28, 1793
July 29, 1850

Buried Smithland Cemetery, Livingston County, Kentucky.  Tombstone photographed 11 October 2017.

William Phillips obtained a bond and license to marry Judith Rammage (Ramage) 16 April 1816. The marriage was recorded 15 July 1816.[1]  Bondsman was Thomas Phillips.

William Phillips and wife Judah [sic] and their son, William Washington Phillips  were enumerated on the 1850 Livingston County census.[2]  

[1] Joyce M. Woodyard. Livingston County, Kentucky Marriage Records, Vol. 1 (October 1799 - July 1839), (Smithland, KY: n.p., 1992) 46.
[2] 1850 Livingston County, Kentucky census, Roll M432_210, p. 387A, dwelling 906, family 906,, accessed 15 January 2018.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371, Crittenden County, Kentucky

Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371 was held at Weston, Crittenden County on the Saturday before the full moon in each month.  The following information can be found in Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. and A.M., Emergent Communications, Nov. 11, 1890; May 27 and 29, 1891, held in Louisville, Kentucky Commencing Oct. 7, 1891; accessed through Google Books, 5 January 2018.

Alexander Woody, Master
John S. Heath, Senior Warden
Birdine Ashley, Junior Warden
Chesley Nunn, Secretary
Robert Heath, Treasurer
E.R. Williams, Senior Deacon
J.A. Samuels, Junior Deacon
I.C. Bristo, Steward and Tyler

Master Masons
Ashley, Birdine
Bristo, I.C.
Brantley, Fielding
Crider, S.F.
Crisp, A.B.
Cook, J.W.
Clements, G.F.
Garrett, J.A.
Heath, B.M.G.
Heath, Robert
Heath, John S.
Lamb, J.M.
Lamb, S.B.
Lamb, J.T.
Moreland, C.G.
McConnell, Jeff
Nunn, Chesley
Nunn, J.J.
Reynolds, J.F.
Rankins, J.L.
Rankins, G.L.
Samuels, Joseph Jr.
Summerville, W.F.
Travis, C.E.C.
Woody, Alexander
Williams, H.B.
Williams, E.R.

Entered Apprentice - Robert S. Heath
Admitted - J.A. Garrett, M.M. Berkley No. 567, March 21, 1891
Reinstated - J.H. Lamb, M.M., July 18, 1891
Dead - Master Masons - J.G. Moore, April 20, 1891; R.L. Moore, April 28, 1891
Suspended - Master Masons - G.B. Brantley, R.C. Lucas, J.H. Lucas, J.M. Gilbert
Entered Apprentice - L.B. Thurman, July  18, 1891, for non-payment of dues
Dimitted - Master Masons - J.G. Gilbert, Dec. 20, 1890; Saml. Hurst, April 18, 1891; W.H. Nunn, July 14, 1891; H.C. Gilbert, 1890; J.H. Lamb, July  18, 1891

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Nancy M. Nunn

Lo She Cometh
Nancy M.
Wife of
Chesley Nunn
May 26, 1814
Aug. 17, 1877
63 ys  2 ms  22 Ds

Buried Nunn Cemetery, off Hwy. 365, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed Feb 1993. This cemetery is on private property and permission must be obtained before visiting cemetery.

Chesley Nunn and Nancy (Mary) Newcom married 17 January 1832 in Livingston County, Kentucky. Consent for the license to be issued was given by William Newcom, father of the bride.[1]

Chesley and Nancy (Newcom) Nunn were enumerated on the 1850 Crittenden County census, along with their children, John H., Nancy and Laura.[2]

[1] Joyce M. Woodyard. Livingston County, Kentucky Marriage Records, Vol. 1 (Oct 1799-July 1839), (n.p., 1993) 116.
[2] 1850 Crittenden County, Kentucky census, Roll M432_197,  Dist. 2, p. 252B,, accessed 12 February 2018.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Livingston County, Kentucky Divorce Index 1854 - 1871

Divorce files are found in Circuit Court records at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives. To order the case file, which contains the details of the case, go here: Order Form

The information for the following divorces has been gleaned from Livingston Circuit Court Order Books (circuit court minutes)  N (1852 - 1854), O (1854 - 1860), P- Q (1863 - 1867), R (1867 - 1871). The reference is given at the end of each entry.

OB = Order Book

Ainsworth, J.C. vs Martha B. Ainsworth. Divorce granted 17 Aug 1869. (OB R, p. 350)

Amos, Fisher W. vs Zalma Amos. Divorce grated 28 June 1855. He is to pay costs. (OB O, p. 152)

Berry, M.L. vs C.A. Berry. Petition for divorce. Cause dismissed 1 Sept 1865. (OB Q, p. 279)

Bloodworth, Isaac vs Anna E. Bloodworth. Divorce granted to defendant 2 Sept 1865. Her maiden name of Roberts was restored. Isaac Bloodworth prohibited from marrying for 12 months. (OB Q, p. 293).

Burgess, Rebecca vs J.T. Burgess. Divorce action continued 20 Feb 1865. (OB Q, p. 186). Parties now living together 1 Sept 1865. Petition dismissed. (OB Q, p. 279).

Carson, L.B. vs M.H. Carson. Divorce petition dismissed 11 Feb 1866. (OB Q, p. 325)

Champion, Catharine vs James M. Champion. Divorce granted 2 Sept 1865. Plaintiff's maiden name of Owens restored to her. (OB Q, p. 286).

Champion, W.B. vs Mary S. Champion. Plaintiff's petition for divorce dismissed. Divorce granted to Defendant 15 Feb 1868. (OB R, p. 108)

Clark, M.B. vs S.C. Clark. Divorce. Plaintiff hath departed this life. (OB R, p. 171, 12 Aug 1868).

Connolly, M.A. vs John Connolly. Divorced granted 31 Aug 1866. Defendant is a non-resident. (OB Q, p. 469).

Covington, Malisa Cordelia vs Henry W. Covington. Contract of marriage dissolved 20 Aug 1867. Defendant restrained from marrying for one year. Plaintiff's maiden name of Harris restored. (OB R, p. 46).

Drewry, Sarah A. vs James A. Drewry. Deft. didn't appear. Divorce granted 20 Dec 1854. (OB O, p. 49) "On the 20th day of Septr 1852 ... James W. Drewry drove her from home violently using a great deal of harsh language..."  Depositions by Mrs. Hester Behag, plantiff's mother, and Dan F. Pryor. [1]

Dukes, Rufus vs Lucinda Dukes. Divorce granted 19 Feb 1873. (OB S, p. 192)

Dukes, W.R. vs C. Dukes. Divorce granted 23 Feb 1870. (OB R, p. 403)

Dunn, M.F. vs B.A. Dunn. Plaintiff granted divorce from B.A. Olive [sic] Dunn 13 Aug 1868. (OB R, p. 174). [Case file not found at KDLA]

Elliott, C.C. vs John Elliott. Divorce granted 13 Aug 1869. (OB R, p. 319)

Hodge, Jennie vs James A. Hodge. Deft. is non-resident. Attorney for deft. filed statement of his services 4 March 1864. (OB Q, p. 160). Cause dismissed 20 Feb 1865. (OB Q, p. 186).

Jones, Mary Jane vs James M. Jones. Petition for divorce 17 Feb 1869. Defendant abandoned her more than 12 months prior to institution of this action.  (OB R, p. 268).

Larrett, Zelia C. vs Alexander Larrett. Divorce granted  30 Aug 1860. Zelia, name restored to Zelia Catrin Renaud and to have full custody and control of infant daughter. (OB P, p. 116)  Mrs. Zelia Renaud married Alexander Larrett 14 Oct 1858 Pope County, Illinois. Both were born in France.[2] Zelia C. Larrett vs Alexander Larrett. Divorce granted 17 Feb 1869. (OB R, p. 270). Mrs. Zelia Larrett married T.R. Sherman 13 Feb 1871.[3]

Lee, W.A. vs Rosanna Lee. Divorce granted 22 Aug 1863. (OB Q, p. 50).

Mitchell, H.M. vs E.A. Mitchell. Divorce granted 31 Aug 1866. Plaintiff cannot marry  for one year and is "not to form with one other person the marriage relation until he finds the means or ability to support and maintain a wife and is not to let her suffer or be cast upon the world destitute and uncared for." (OB Q, p. 469)

Page, James vs Ailcey Page. Divorce granted 17 Feb 1868. (OB R, p. 115).

Ridley, J. vs R.J. Ridley. Defendant is non-resident 24 Aug 1865. Continued to next Feb term. (OB Q, p. 259).

Ross, A.J. vs E.P. Ross. Divorce granted 2 Sept 1865. (OB Q, p. 289).

Ross, C.C. vs Mary Ross. Divorce granted 17 Feb 1869. (OB R, p. 276)

Ross, Lovin vs M.J. Ross. Divorce granted 21 Aug 1867. Plaintiff to have all property owned by him at time of their marriage or what he acquired in his own right in this marriage. (OB R, p. 71).

Sams, E.C. vs Wiley Sams. Divorce granted 19 Aug 1870. (OB R, p. 472)

Smith, Minerva Ann vs Robert Smith. Cause continued 20 Feb 1865. (OB Q, p. 186). Divorce granted 2 Sept 1865. Plaintiff's maiden name of Carroll restored to her. (OB Q, p. 289).

Stroud, G.W. vs E. Stroud. Divorce petition dismissed 21 Aug 1863. (OB Q, p. 47).

Wells, Mary H. vs Jesse Wells. Divorce granted 2 Sept 1865. (Book Q, p. 287). Jesse Wells charged with bigamy 13 Feb 1866. (OB Q, p. 307). Reported 12 Feb 1867 that Jesse Wells hath departed this life. (OB Q, p. 471).

Wells, P.A. vs W.J. Wells. Divorce granted 2 Sept 1865. (OB Q, p. 289).

Williams, S.M. v M.J. Williams. Marriage dissolved 14 Aug 1867. Defendant cannot marry for one year. (OB R, p. 23).

[1] Sarah A. Drewry vs Jas. W. Drewry, filed 3 Nov 1854, Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives, Livingston County Circuit Court Cases Dec 1854, read Oct 2009.
[2] Judy Foreman Lee & Carolyn Cromeenes Foss. Pope County, Illinois Marriage Books A-E  1813-1877, Vol. 1, (Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery, 1990) 63 referencing Marriage Book B, p. 25.
[3] Joyce McCandless Woodyard. Livingston County, Kentucky Marriages Records Including Marriages of Freedmen, Vol. II (Aug 1839 - Dec 1871), (Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery, 1994), 180.

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Avery M. Hicklin and Lucinda Knight

Andrew J.
Son of
A.M. & L. Hicklin
Dec. 23, 1827
Feb. 7, 1828
William C.
Son of
A.M. & L. Hicklin
[stone broken]

Tombstone in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky 6 February 2013.

Avery M. Hicklin married Lucinda Knight 24 January 1827 Livingston County, Kentucky. [1] Hicklin was of legal age and Lucinda's guardian gave consent for the license to issue. 

On 22 January 1827, Lucinda Knight, infant orphan of John Knight deceased, made choice of Avery M. Hicklin as her guardian.[2] As this appointment was made just two days before Avery M. Hicklin and Lucinda Knight married,  the guardian appointment was necessary for a person under legal age to obtain a marriage license. In effect, Hicklin was appointed Lucinda's guardian and then gave permission for Lucinda to marry him.  This was neither unusual nor illegal.

In 1827, the newly married Hicklin couple was living in Salem, then county seat of Livingston County.[3] Andrew J. Hicklin was likely the first child of this couple.

[1] Joyce M. Woodyard. Livingston County, Kentucky Marriage Records, Vol. 1 (Oct 1799 - July 1839), (n.p., 1992) 86.
[2] Livingston County, Kentucky County Court Order Book G, p. 235,  22 January 1827.
[3] Livingston County, Kentucky Deed Book BB, p. 189, 26 June 1827,  Andrew H. Warthen to John Berry, mentions lot #9 in Salem on which was located the house occupied by Avery M. Hicklin.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

John W. Benney 1793 - 1853

John W. Benney
Born 1793
April 1, 1853
60 Years

Buried in Smithland Cemetery. Tombstone photograph provided by David Boswell of Livingston County. This tombstone is recorded in Livingston County, Kentucky Cemeteries 1738- 1976, compiled by the Livingston County, Kentucky Homemaker Clubs  in 1977, but had fallen and was covered with dirt until uncovered in 2017.

John W. Benney came to Livingston County from Graves County, Kentucky after 1841. He is found on the 1840 and 1841 Graves County tax lists. In 1840, he owned  land on Clarks River.  He also appears on the 1840 Graves County census with one male aged 15/19, one male age 40/49, 1 female under age 5 and one female aged 20/29.

John W. Benney shows up on Livingston County tax lists in 1848 - 1853  as the owner of land in Graves County. He does not appear on the 1850 census in either Livingston County or Graves County. 

On Monday, 2 May 1853,  James  T. Benney was granted letters of administration on John W. Benney's estate with William Gordon as his surety on the administrator's bond. Blount Hodge, Samuel A. Kingman and Sterling M. Barner, or any two of them, were appointed to appraise the estate.[1]

The estate record provided the first clue to the occupation of John W. Benney.  Among the items inventoried were  23 bedsteads, five bureaus and 21 Windsor chairs,[2] all items needed if one were operating an inn or hotel.  My guess is that John W. Benney came to Smithland to run a hotel, likely for someone else as he did not buy or sell land in Livingston County. Because of the heavy traffic on the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers at Smithland, there were several hotels during the 1850s.

Now, some searching needs to be done to determine which hotel he operated.  James T. Benney also remains a mystery. Was he a son, or perhaps a brother, to John W. Benney?  More work is needed to answer these questions. 

[1] Livingston County, Kentucky Court Order Book L, p. 142.
[2] Livingston County, Kentucky Inventory, Appraisement and Sale Book E (1852-1859), p. 61, 4 May 1853.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Locating Livingston County, Kentucky Estate Records has a category of digitized records called "Kentucky, Wills and Probate Records, 1774-1989."  On the surface it sounds wonderful, but be aware there may be limitations, especially if you are researching Livingston County records. The only Livingston County probate records on are wills. Nothing else.

Many Livingston County people did not leave a will so you will need to search other places for probate information. Records regarding the probate of an estate include the following:
1.  Wills, including the executor's bond
2.  Appointment of the administrator (if there was no will) plus the administrator's bond
3.  Inventory, appraisal and sale bill of the decedent's estate
4.  Guardianship records if the decedent left minor children

In some counties, the inventories, appraisals and sale bills can be found in the will books. But not in Livingston County. The Livingston County researcher must search other places to obtain this information.  The county court order books (court minutes) will provide the name of the estate administrator or executor of the will as well as the appointment of the guardian of minor children.  The county court minutes will also tell when the estate was inventoried, appraised and settled. This information will appear in the county court minutes shortly after the person died.

There may or may not be separate books titled "Inventory, Appraisement and Sale Bills." In Livingston County the earliest such book dates from 1822. The first separate Administrators Bond Book dates from  1853. An Executors Bond Book contains bonds from 1853.  The first  Guardian Bond Book begins in 1851. Prior to these dates, the information appeared only in the county court minutes. 

The point I am trying to make is that probate records for Livingston County are not found in just one location. You will need to look several different places to get all of the information for persons who died in Livingston County.   It is recommended that you also check deeds to see if there was a division of land among the heirs after decedent's death. If there is any mention of a will being contested, you will want to check circuit court records at Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives in Frankfort for that record. 

Don't give up if you don't find the probate info in the will books. You just need to look in other places.

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