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Col. James K. Huey (1826 - 1891)

The first clue I had to the occupation of James K. Huey was in a mortgage in 1857 in Livingston County, Kentucky. In Livingston Deed Book 3, page 509 Huey used a number of books on jurisprudence, contracts and law as collateral to secure a note he owed W.R. Frazier. It was clear he was interested in and perhaps connected to the legal field. This was confirmed by Livingston County census records. In 1850 he was listed as sheriff and in 1860 he was a lawyer. But James K. Huey's fame spread beyond that of a small town lawyer or sheriff.

Born in the Dyer Hill community of Livingston County, James K. Huey was the son of Robert and Eliza (Calhoun) Huey. He was left an orphan at the age of 15. After serving as deputy sheriff in McCracken County for several years,  he purchased the office of Livingston County sheriff.  When the office became elective, he became a candidate and was elected in 1851 and again in 1853. During his tenure as sheriff, he read law and was admitted to practice in 1856. He also served in the state legislature in 1857 - 1858.

At the beginning of the Civil War, Huey raised a company of cavalry in the counties of Hopkins, Webster and Livingston. He was elected captain of his company and participated in many battles of the war. According to Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, Vol. IV, reprinted from Kentucky: A History of the State by Battle-Perrin-Kniffin, "He retired with the rank of colonel May 19, 1865, marching into Paducah with ninety men, surrendered to Gen. Meredith, who was then in command of the post."

When Huey returned home, he found that he was disbarred from practicing law. He went to New Orleans, where he entered into the commission business. On 14 July 1870 in Canton, Mississippi, he married Miss Alice Powell. They returned to Livingston County and Col. Huey re-entered the legal profession and became a county judge before 1880. Born to Col. and Mrs. Huey  were Annie Powell, James K. Jr., Jessie and Laurin Huey.

James K. Huey passed away in Smithland in December 1891. A brief obituary in the St. Louis Republican states the following: "The report reaches here that J.K. Huey of Smithland, Ky. died this afternoon. He was an ex-County Judge, State legislator and was a Colonel in John Morgan's command and was in prison with him. He left a wife and family."

Tombstone of Col. J.K. Huey (1826-1891)
Smithland Cemetery, Smithland, Kentucky
After Col. Huey's death, his widow, Alice Powell Huey, returned to Mississippi, where she died 24 February 1918. She is buried in Mount Carmel Baptist Cemetery, Winston County.

This is a very brief biography of the life of James K. Huey. My next step is to do a little research on his activities with John Hunt Morgan and if he was confined in the Ohio State Penitentiary with Morgan.

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Livingston County, Kentucky Divorces 1865 - 1867


This information on  divorces granted  in 1865 - 1867 has been gleaned from Livingston Circuit Court Order Books  Q (1863 - 1867) and R (1867 - 1871). The case files, which contain the details of the divorce petition, are found at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives. The case files usually give the date and place of marriage and if there are  minor children. To download a request form for a case file from KDLA, go Here

Champion, Catharine vs James M. Champion. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. Plaintiff's maiden name of Owens restored to her. (Order Book Q, page 286).

Wells, Mary H. vs Jesse Wells. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. (Book Q, page 287). Jesse Wells charged with bigamy 13 February 1866. (Order Book Q, page 307). Reported 12 February 1867 that Jesse Wells hath departed this life. (Order Book Q, page 471).

Ross, A.J. vs E.P. Ross. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. (Order Book Q, page 289).

Wells, P.A. vs W.J. Wells. Divorced granted 2 September 1865. (Order Book Q, page 289).

Smith, Minerva Ann vs Robert Smith. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. Plaintiff's maiden name of Carroll restored to her. (Order Book Q, page 289).

Bloodworth, Isaac vs Anna E. Bloodworth. Divorce granted to defendant 2 September 1865. Her maiden name of Roberts was restored. Isaac Bloodworth prohibited from marrying for 12 months. (Order Book Q, page 293).

Connolly, M.A. vs John Connolly. Divorced granted 31 August 1866. Defendant is a non-resident. (Order Book Q, page 469).

Mitchell, H.M. vs E.A. Mitchell. Divorce granted 31 August 1866. Plaintiff cannot marry for one year and is "not to form with one other person the marriage relation until he finds the means or ability to support and maintain a wife and is not to let her suffer or be cast upon the world destitute and uncared for." (Order Book Q, page 469)

Williams, S.M. vs M.J. Williams. Marriage dissolved 14 August 1867. Defendant cannot marry for one year. (Order Book R, page 23).

Covington, Malisa Cordelia vs Henry W. Covington. Contract of marriage dissolved 20 August 1867. Defendant restrained from marrying for one year. Plaintiff's maiden name of Harris restored. (Order Book R, page 46).

Ross, Lovin vs M.J. Ross. Divorce granted 21 August 1867. Plaintiff to have all property owned by him at the time of their marriage or what he acquired in his own right in this marriage. (Order Book R, page 71).


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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with love and goodwill throughout this day and the new year.

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Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371, Crittenden County 1876

Zion Hill Masonic Lodge met at Zion Hill Church in Crittenden County on the Saturday before the Full Moon in each month. The following information comes from Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky 1876.

J.S. Heath, M.; J.H. Hughes, S.W.; J.G. Loften, J.W.; Robert Heath, Treas.; Alexander Woody, Sec.; Bird Ashley, S.D.; I.C. Bristow, J.D. and E.R. Williams, S. and T.

Past Masters
M. Bristow, T.L. Nunn, H.C. Gilbert, J.H. Hughes.

Master Masons
B.M.G. Heath, J.R. Clement, J.H. Lamb, J.A. Samuels, William Straker, Fielding Brantley, Joseph Samuels, J.N. Teates, Rev. R.B. Tudor, T.J. Woody, J.H. Clark, R.L. Moore, G.F. Clement, J.R. Clark, J.M. Lamb, T.A. Kemp, D.F. Kemp, R.J. Wallingford, J.M. Gilbert, R.E. Flanery, Joseph Franklin, W.D. Williams, Rev. W.R. Gibbs, F.C. Crider, Anderson Avet, J.W. Kinsey, Ely Graves, T.N. Lamb, Jesse Beaird.

Joseph Walingford, M.M., June 3d, 1876; for gross unmasonic conduct.

J.G. Moore, W.R. Duerson, J.W. Hill, S.R. Lamb, J.T. Bankley, T.E. Porter, R.W. McCoburn, J.E. Straker, M.M.'s, July 29th 1876; for non-payment of dues.

R.W. Taylor, M.M., March 4th, 1876.

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Tombstone Tuesday - Quincy and Dora Wilson

Quincy L
1848 - 1930

Dora S.
1865 - 1965

Buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 22 November 2011.

According to his death certificate, William Lysander Quincy Wilson was born 31 January 1848 and died 26 May 1930. He was the son of Quincy Huston Wilson and Mary Matilda Lamb.

W.L.Q. Wilson married Miss Dora Pickens 19 September 1885 at the home of W. Pickens in Crittenden County.

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Masonic Lodges in Western Kentucky 1876

Copyright by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG
May not be copied without written permission

Many towns, big and small,  in western Kentucky had a Masonic Lodge.  The following list of lodges in the western part of the state is taken from Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, 1876. Under each county, the name and number of the lodge as well as the location are given.

Caldwell County
Clinton Lodge, No. 82, Princeton
Fredonia Lodge, No. 247, Fredonia
Bethlehem Lodge, No. 451, Bethlehem Academy
Roscoe Lodge, No. 471, Beech Grove

Crittenden County
Dycusburg Lodge, No. 232, Dycusburg
Bigham Lodge, No. 256, Marion
Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371, Zion Hill Church
Shady Grove Lodge, No. 559, Shady Grove
Hurricane Lodge, No. 571, Hurricane Furnace
Liberty, U.D., Cross Roads

Livingston County
Salem Lodge, No. 81, Salem
Smithland Lodge, No. 138, Smithland
Carrsville Lodge, No. 378, Carrsville

Lyon County
Joppa Lodge, No. 167, Tennessee Rolling Works
Suwanee Lodge, No. 190, Eddyville
Parkersville Lodge, No. 484, Parkersville

Union County
Morganfield Lodge, No. 66, Morganfield
Caseyville Lodge, No. 168, Caseyville
Union Lodge, No. 219, Uniontown
Bordley Lodge, No. 390, Bordley
Shiloh Lodge, No. 453, Shiloh Meeting House
Mt. Pleasant Lodge, No. 558, Mt. Pleasant Church
Dekoven Lodge, No. 577, Dekoven

Webster County
Providence Lodge, No. 148, Providence
Carlow Lodge, No. 314, Carlow
Prathersville Lodge, No. 347, Slaughtersville
Dixon Lodge, No. 467, Dixon
Claysville Lodge, No. 524, Claysville
Bailey Lodge, No. 538, Sebree City

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Book Sale

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Tombstone Tuesday - Samuel and Sarah Jackson

Memory of
Samuel Jackson
Born Oct. 18
& Died Oct. 10
Memory of
Sarah Jackson
Born Dec 22
& Died May 18
Samuel and Sarah Jackson are buried at Old Marion Cemetery, Marion, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Their tombstones were photographed 24 October 2012.

Samuel Jackson and Sarah Elder married 18 October 1803 Livingston County, Kentucky. They were charter members of Bethany Presbyterian Church, according to the Membership List of Bethany-Marion Presbyterian Church 1803 - 1881, compiled from the official church record book by Robert M. Wheeler.
Following the death of Samuel Jackson, his widow, Sarah, chose not to administer upon his estate and, in a note dated 5 December 1836,  recommended that their son, James E. be appointed administrator. 
Published 11 Dec 2012 by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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Research Tip - Get Permission

Doing genealogical research online is much faster and more convenient than the old fashioned way of visiting courthouses and cemeteries on your own. How exciting it is to find that your ancestor's photo is already online and someone has written the story of his life! However, with the speed and convenience of online research comes  responsibility - the responsibility of verifying that information and the responsiblity of asking permission before using someone else's works.  Please take the time to be a responsible reseacher and always get permission.

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Reviewing the Results

It is almost time to make New Year's resolutions, but before I can do that I need to review what I have and have not accomplished during the current year. Then I will decide if it is prudent to even make new resolutions. Here goes.

My personal research is divided between work on my own families and work on the never-ending Smithland project.  Work on my families has been sporadic. High on the list for 2012 has been taking photos of tombstones to replace those taken many years ago.   My photography skills have improved a bit during the past 40 years and digital cameras make it easier and less expensive to take many photographs. Many of my old photographs are not sharp and some have faded. Also, tombstones can deteriorate with the passage of time. Some tombstones fall, become covered with dirt and debris and disappear from memory.

Now, for the Smithland project. It started out small several years ago by identifying town lot owners from the beginning of Smithland up to the Civil War. It quickly grew to include the location of former businesses and churches. I have learned a great deal, especially when working on the nomination of the old courthouse to the National Register of Historic Places. That project was the most fulfilling research I have ever done and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. However, my Smithland project didn't stop with the acceptance of the nomination. It continues with bits and pieces being learned almost every week. During the past year, I have "met" several descendants of the Barner family, who lived on Charlotte Street. One descendant of a collateral Barner line visited me last winter and we continue to keep in touch with findings. I have been in touch by email with two other direct descendants of the Smithland family and hope to visit in person in the future. Photographs of the family have been shared, as well as letters and documents. This part of my Smithland project is the most exciting thing to happen in my research in recent years.

I have also been working on separating fact from legend regarding stories surrounding many of the older buildings in Smithland. This is a lot of fun, but there have been disappointments too. I wish all of the stories were true, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I will be sharing some of my findings during the coming year.

So, my results have been mixed. Not a lot new on my personal lines so I will keep on digging and photographing. There have been excellent progress on the Smithland project, but there is much yet to do.

Now to think about those resolutions for 2013.  Hmmmm ...

Copyright on text and photographs
by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG
Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog

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Tombstone Tuesday - Icypheania Burgess

Copyright by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG
May not be copied without written permission

Icypheania W.
Wife of
J.L. Burgess
Sept. 11, 1814
April 20, 1871
Buried Smithland Cemetery, Smithland, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 1 September 2010.
Joseph L. Burgess married Mrs. Icypheania W. Carter 1 February 1846 in Livingston County, Kentucky. No marriage between a Mr. Carter and Icypheania has been located.  The 1850 Livingston County census shows Joseph L. Burgess as age 39 and a tanner born in Kentucky. Isafena [sic] Burgess was age 36 and born in Virginia.  In his will,  [Livingston County Will Book B, page 290, recorded 20 September 1871], Joseph Logan Burgess identified Peachea Doyle as "my wife's mother and who also has been like a mother to me ..." Peachea Doyle is buried near Icypheania W. and J.L. Burgess.

 Peachea Norvel Doyle
Born at Lynchburg, Va.
Jan. 4, 1790
Died at Smithland, Ky.
Apr. 25, 1886
Wife of
William Doyle