Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Visit to Lola, Kentucky

Copyright by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG

One of the many little villages dotting the western Kentucky countryside is Lola, in Livingston County. As a child I often visited my cousin and her family and remember several businesses, including my aunt's grocery store, home of the famous Mustard Jar.

A recent visit to Lola shows a different picture. The stores are all closed and the only activity was centered on a house where a woman was moving out. The post office has been closed for several years and my aunt's store, which adjoins the post office, is also vacant.

Melva's Store and Post Office

Just across the road is the store once operated by Tommie May. This brick building was built in 1896 from bricks made from material taken from a nearby slough.

Tommie May's Store

Traveling down Hwy. 838, Lola Baptist Church is on the left. This neat, well-kept church fairly glistened in the bright sun.

Lola Baptist Church

The destination of this trip came as we turned off onto New Union Church Road. Many of my Vaughn ancestors are buried in the cemetery adjoining New Union church and my great-grandfather, David Vaughn, lived just over the hill. While the church is now called New Union Church, my family never called it anything but Ditney. In addition to Vaughn, other names found on the tombstones are Wright, Belt, Dalton, Curnel, Champion, Singleton, Damron, Tabor and many others.

New Union Baptist Church

Several members of my aunt's Fisher family are buried here, but most do not have tombstones. Among those buried here with no tombstones are the following:

Martin Van Buren Fisher born 19 May 1835, died 21 April 1926
Horace Greely Fisher born 15 May 1882, died 1 January 1916
Mary Fisher Hosick born 20 Dec 1841, died 19 June 1919
Katharine Fisher Smith born 19 Dec 1844, died 19 May 1926
The information on these folks comes from their death certificates.

It was a beautiful day for a trip to Lola and it brought back many memories of times past.


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I enjoyed this little armchair road trip, especially the post office. I always take pictures of post offices. Thanks for sharing your photos of Lola, Kentucky.

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Post offices were usually the center of activity in small towns and a great place to get caught up on the news.

billd3 said...

I had a friend who came from Lola, Charlie Falls. I went to Vietnam with him (67,68). I remember his step father's name was C.O. Strong. Probably long gone by now. Any info you may know of this family I would appreciate. Bill Dalton

Unknown said...

I'm in the early stages of establishing my family genealogy. I'm located in Michigan and believe my father and grand-father (both named Clarence Rice), trace back to Lola via Detroit. If anyone with information sees this and would like to chat, please contact me at Thanks, Brian Rice

Unknown said...

I grew up in this town and went to the old Lola elementary school until closed after my 6th grade year. I remember all those stores plus 2 gas stations. I used to mow several yards in this town we could ride the old mower to wherever we were going to mow...

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Thank you for sharing your memories of Lola.

John Williams said...

I remember going down to visit my family in Lola when I was a kid.

Unknown said...

I have such fond memories of Lola , my Momma Grace Sunderland aka Grace May lived in Lola as my maternal grandparents , Rena and Russell Gilland on a farm in Lola . I remember the gas station there my Dad nicknamed the owner “Goose Razor” my Dad Carter May always gave everyone a nickname ! The love my Momma Grace had for my Dad was unconditional she loved him to pieces as she did all of us . I remember the stores open in Lola ,the town was so alive , and as I visit the cemetery there where my parents resting place is every year I feel so sad , I sit there and recall the memories as a kid in Lola Ky . I will always cherish them .

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Lola seems to evoke many fond memories for a lot of people. I appreciate you sharing your feelings about Lola and hope you enjoy many more trips there.

Unknown said...

Falls or McFalls?

I think one of my kinfolk was a McFalls. Would have been my mom's grandma though. I was born in 86 and my grandma had moved up to Chicago long before then. My mom spent her summers in Lola growing up