Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tombstone Tuesday - Lucy Threlkeld

Lucy Threlkeld
June 2, 1879
Feb.  10, 1912

Buried Carrsville Cemetery, Livingston County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 8 December 2014.

According to her death certificate, Lucy Threlkeld died 31 January 1911 and was buried 1 February 1911.[1] The death date does not agree with the date on the tombstone. Since the death certificate was generated at the time of her death, or shortly thereafter, it is likely to be more correct that the tombstone.

The informant listed on the death certificate was O.L. Threlkeld of Carrsville.  The following notation was on the death certificate:  "Single girl who made her home with her brother O.L. Threlkeld."  Lucy's parents were listed as R.F. Threlkeld and Serene Owen, both of whom were born in Livingston County.

Lucy Threlkeld, age 21,  appears in the family  of Robert and Serene Threlkeld on the 1900 Livingston County census. Also in the household were Lucy's siblings Webb, Richard, Carry and Charles.[2]

[1] Kentucky Death Record #586, Crittenden County, Lucy Threlkeld, Ancestry.com.
[2] 1900 Livingston County, Kentucky census, Carrsville, p. 6, E.D. 0057, Ancestry.com.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Changes Are Coming!

Changes are coming to the Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog. Effective August 1, 2019 I will publish only one post per week.  As a result,  Tombstone Tuesday posts are being phased out. A few are already scheduled, so you will see one periodically, but when they are finished, there will be no more.  

There seems to be more interest in historical articles and records so that is where my concentration will be.  If you have suggestions on what type of articles are of interest to you, please let me know through this blog or through my Facebook page.

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Roster of Men Who Died in World War I - Part IV Union County

By December 1918, the casualties of World War I  had totaled 3,030 and were divided as follows:  Killed in action, 421;  died of wounds, 310;  died of accident and other causes; died of airplane accidents, 12;  died of disease, 431;  wounded severely, 344;  wounded, degree undertermined; 398;  wounded slightly, 619; missing in action, 474.[1]

In 1919, the names of Kentucky soldiers who lost their lives during World War I were published in several newspapers, including the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Hopkinsville Kentuckian and the Owensboro Messenger. The majority of deaths were mainly caused by the influenza epidemic of 1918 - 1919.


Louis Bingham, Sturgis, killed in action
Thomas Cody, Uniontown, died of wounds
John J. Graham, Uniontown, killed in action
William Griggs, Waverly, died of disease
Uel Hinton, Uniontown, died of disease
John Jackson, Henshaw, died of disease
Edward Kirkman, Sturgis, died in German prison camp
Charles McGuire, Waverly, died of disease
James Lee Mattingly, Morganfield, died of disease
Henry Medley, Morganfield, killed in action
Roland C. Minton, Waverly, killed  in action
Thomas B. Moore, Sturgis, killed  in action
* Henry E. Riddle, Sturgis, died of wounds
Ernie G. Sheridan, Gumgrove, died of disease
James B. Simpson, Waverly, died of disease
Willie Stull, Sturgis, died of disease
Daniel L. Thompson, Uniontown, killed in action
Orville Van Bussum, Uniontown, died of disease
Vernon Woods, Boxville, died of disease

*  Sturgis, Ky., July 31 - Funeral services for Henry E. Riddle, first Union County soldier to die in the World War, were held at the Baptist Church this afternoon. Members of Riddle Post No. 106, American Legion, and Griggs-Alvey Post, Morganfield, had charge of the ceremonies. Six cousins, all former service men, were pallbearers. [2]

Pvt. Henry Eldridge Riddle
Pythian Ridge Cemetery
Sturgis, Union County, Kentucky
Photographed 15 May 2019

[1] "Honor's Roll,"  Evansville Press, Thurs., 5 Dec 1918, p. 3.
[2] "Union County Hero Buried," Louisville Courier-Journal, Mon., 1 Aug 1921, p. 4.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Work in Smithland Cemetery Continues

Work in Smithland Cemetery in Livingston County, Kentucky continues.  Tombstones have been repaired and righted and  overgrown bushes have been cut. In a recent visit to the cemetery, workers were cutting back large tree branches hanging over the H.F. Given Tomb. Can you spot the tree trimmer in the tree?

The city of Smithland does not have the revenue to maintain and operate the cemetery  out of its general funds. The Smithland Cemetery Advisory Committee and the Smithland City Commission need your help in the upkeep and maintenance of this historic cemetery. Donations are tax deductible and may be sent to Smithland Cemetery Fund, Smithland City Hall, 310 Wilson Avenue, P.O. Box 287, Smithland, KY 42081.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

John V. Bateman 1867 - 1948

John V.
June 19, 1867
Sept. 18, 1948

Buried New Union (Ditney) Cemetery, near Lola, Livingston County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 8 July 2014.

John V. Bateman was the son of Samuel and Nancy C. (Vaughn) Bateman, who had married 16 Jan 1862 Crittenden County, Kentucky.[1] The family moved to Randolph County, Arkansas, where they are found on the  1870 census living next to former Crittenden County residents, David W. Kimsey and his wife, Mary S. (Vaughn), and their children. [2] 

The Bateman family eventually returned to Kentucky.   John V. Bateman married his first wife, Martha Walker Davenport 4 September 1890 in Pope County, Illinois. [3] John V. Bateman's second marriage was to Delia A. Wright on 30 January 1898 in Crittenden County. [4]  He married his third wife, Elizabeth Dycus, 1 August 1939 in Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri. [5]

Although he had married in 1939, John V. Bateman was enumerated in the household of his son-in-law and daughter, Winfield M. and Vera Clopton in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky in 1940.[6]

Bateman was a farmer and veterinarian.

John V. Bateman died in Metropolis, Massac County, Illinois on the 18th of September 1948 at the age of 80, according to his obituary in  the Paducah Sun-Democrat on Tuesday, 21 September 1948. Survivors were his wife, Elizabeth; three daughters, a daughter in law, two sisters and  two brothers. The funeral and burial were at Ditney (now known as New Union) Church and cemetery  

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Dycusburg Gets Telephone Service Again

In these days of using our cell phones as mini-computers, it is unthinkable to be without this basic means of communication. The following article recalls life as it was a little more than 70 years ago.

Dycusburg Gets New Telephone System Installed

After some twenty years without telephone service in and around Dycusburg, Ky., the people are again able to call up their neighbors for a chat or call a doctor by long distance.

The Salem Telephone Company has a newly installed line to Dycusburg which at present has ten subscribers and more to be added later as material becomes available.

The Salem Company is planning to install some hundred or more telephones in that community and are also planning on a dial system which will make service more prompt and also make it possible to serve more subscribers. The telephone company is owned by Bill Boswell and William Butler who service and install their own equipment. They have a very efficient Mrs. Boswell as operator at the board. [Livingston Leader, Thurs., 28 Aug 1947, p. 1]

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Livingston County, Kentucky Executors of Estates 1853 - 1857

When a person wrote his will an executor was named to perform certain tasks after the testator had died. The executor's duties were to collect and satisfy debts and credits of the estate, make a just and true accounting of his actions and deliver all legacies specified in the will.   The executor signed a bond to show that he would faithfully perform his duties. In some cases, the executor was unable to complete the settlement of the estate and another person was appointed to complete the settlement. This person was called the "administrator with will annexed." The following information comes from Livingston County, Kentucky Executors Bonds 1853 - 1916, a bound volume in the county clerk's office in Smithland. The date listed below is the date the bond was signed.

Anthony Birdwell was named administrator with will annexed of the estate of James H. Boyd 7 Feb 1854.

James L. Hodge was appointed executor of the estate of David Wilson 7 Mar 1853.

M.J. Hurley was appointed executor of the estate of A.J.R. Hurley 22 May 1854. 

Robert Samuel Harmon and Charles G. Halstead were appointed executors of the estate of Henry A. Harman 2 Jul 1855. 

Henry W. Woods was appointed executor of James Rutter  5 Nov 1855. 

James H. Ray was appointed executor of the estate of Joseph Ray Sr. 19 Nov 1855.

John W. McKee was appointed administrator with will annexed of the estate of J.H. Smith 8 Mar 1856.

Sarah Bigham and Lewis Hunter were appointed executors of the estate of James H. Bigham 1 Sep 1856.

H.F. Given and A. Birdwell were appointed executors of the estate of E.P. Ross  6 Oct 1856.

Henry F. Given was appointed executor of the estate of Wm. McCrosky 3 Nov 1856.

James Bigham was appointed executor of James H. Bigham's estate  7 Mar 1857.

Jesse Olive was appointed executor of Mrs. Evaline Olive's estate 28 Mar 1857.

M.J. Anderson was appointed executor of the estate of W.H. Anderson 6 Apr 1857.

Martha Breeden was appointed executor of A.R. Breeden's estate 1 Jun 1857.

John Stalion was appointed executor of the estate of Josiah W. Bryan 10 Oct 1857.

Thomas J. Barrett was appointed executor of Patrick H. Barrett's estate 17 Oct 1857.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tombstone Tuesday - Frances M. Rankin

Frances M.
Nov. 8, 1854
Mar. 23, 1938

Buried Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 23 May 2019.

According to her death certificate, Frances M. Rankin died 25 March 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1] The death certificate lists her parents as John D. Rankin and Annie Wardlow, both of whom were born in Kentucky. The name of her father is likely an error as the marriage record shows his given name as James E. Rankin.[2]

"Fannie" Rankin, age 6, was enumerated in the household of James E. Rankin, age 50, and Ann E. Rankin, age 46 in Henderson.[3]

In 1930, Frances Rankin was a lodger at 2237 N. 22nd Street,  Philadelphia.[4]

[1] Pennsylvania Death Certificates, 1906-1967, Philadelphia 1938, Frances Rankin, Ancestry.com.
[2] Kentucky County Marriage Records 1783-1965,  James E. Rankin and Ann E. Wardlow married 3 Nov 1832 in Henderson by Tho. Evans, minister of Methodist Episcopal Church, Ancestry.com.
[3] 1860 Henderson County, Kentucky, Division 1, Roll M653_373, p. 32, Ancestry.com.
[4] 1930 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Census, p. 21A, E.D. 0682, Ancestry.com

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Stray Ferry Boat 1828

Stray records in Kentucky include not only livestock, but also boats and other water vehicles found adrift. The act dealing with strays was passed February 10th 1798 and was in force from the first of March of the same year.

"Sec. 1.  If any person shall take up any boat, canoe, or other vessel adrift, he shall cause the same to be viewed by some freeholder of the county where the same shall be taken up, and shall immediately go with such freeholder before a  justice of the peace of the same county, and make oath when and where the same was taken up, and that the marks thereof have not been altered or defaced since the taking up; and the justice shall take from such freeholder upon an oath, an exact description of such stray boat, canoe or other vessel, and shall enter same on his stray book, and give a certificate ..." [1]

The following stray notice was recorded in Livingston County, Kentucky Stray Book 1799 - 1852 (no pagination), Livingston County Clerk's Office, Smithland, Kentucky.

"Was taken up on the Ohio river 7 miles from Smithland by John Higgs  a ferry Boat supposed to be 2 years old 31 1/2 feet long & 7 feet wide with ash oars  two setting poles poplar gunnels  and bottom  no Cable  a Ring and bolt of Iron which boat was valued at $6  50 cents before me this 19th of June 1828 [signed] Jonah Hibbs, J.P.L.C."  [Margin]  " Ferry Boat  Rec  7 July 1828"

Livingston County, Kentucky Stray Book A  (1799-1852)

[1] William Littell, Esq. The Statute Law of Kentucky; With Notes, Praelections, and Observations of the Public Acts, Vol. II, Chapter LXVII, Sec. 1, approved February 10, 1798, (Frankfort: Johnston & Pleasants, 1810), 77-78.

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