Friday, November 16, 2007

Letter From R.B. Dorr

Even when people moved away from their home county, they were almost sure to keep in touch, often through a letter to the editor of the hometown newspaper. Through these letters, it is possible to track the migration of people from one place to another. One such letter is the following written by R.B. Dorr, who moved from Crittenden County, Kentucky and eventually settled in Los Angeles, California. In the interest of brevity, the letter, which appeared in the 9 March 1905 issue of the Crittenden Press, has been abstracted.

"Los Angeles, Calf., 2.23, 1905. I feel very much like writing and telling you and my old friends of Marion and Crittenden county of my joys and sorrows, my ups and downs since leaving old Kentucky. I have met a great many friends of former years since coming west. Among them [is] Mrs. Julia Moore, widow of our lamented friend and pastor, W.T. Moore, remembered by a great many of your readers; another who long years ago left Marion and is almost forgotten by many of his friends, but who I have no doubt will be overjoyed to hear of him again, Harry McKinney. I have lived within 5 or 6 blocks of him for over two years and just run upon him last week. He carried me back over the flight of years to mine and Marion’s younger days when Charlie Gregory, Charlie Stinson, Calvin Elder, Press Woods and a host of other good fellows made life joyous and happy. Quite a number of Crittenden people are living in Los Angeles. I have met Frank Orr and his wife, Mrs. Addie Briggs, Charley Love. All are happy and contented in this beautiful land of sunshine and flowers.

Mrs. J.B. Kevil, wife of your city judge, Miss Rosa and Jammie, are enjoying life here, and by the way, Mrs. Kevil is looking well and enjoying better health than she has for many years. I think the judge would do the best thing he ever did were he to locate in this city and become like his better half - 20 years younger.

By the way, I want to thank my dear old friend, J.W. Bigham, for the poem "The Old Brick Church." Jim, it brought tears to the eyes of my wife and myself, for in reading it we could see the old church ... we could see the old church in its glory, plain in its furnishing and make up, but glorious in memory of the dear ones who worshiped and communed with us beneath its hallowed roof. Your friend, R.B. Dorr."

Richard Buntin Dorr married Sally Kit Stewart in Crittenden County in 1873. They first moved to Texas and later to Los Angeles, where R.B. Dorr died 29 Dec 1909.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the note/letter. RB Dorr is my great uncle--brother of my great grandfather Valentine Dorr.
Thanks, Carolyn

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Thanks for sharing. This is a really interesting family.