Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am taking a survey and need your help. The survey involves the types of public records that can be posted online and the part the time period plays in determining the posting of these records.

When is it not all right to post public records online for anyone to view? Should public records after a particular date remain inaccessible online? Are any public records off limits to online publication? If so, which records?

For example, it is all right to post court records involving people sent to jail in the mid to late 1800s? Is it all right to post information on people adjudged lunatics and committed to the asylum during the same time period? Is it all right to post the names of insolvent debtors of the 1800s? Would you give the same opinion if the records were from an earlier time period.

These are not trick questions, but remember these involve only public records - those that are available in the courthouses, archives and cemeteries.

Your answers will help me determine which records to make available on this blog. Please take the time to respond either through comments below or privately, if you prefer, at


scraps said...

Obvious thing I have heard of is that if the person is alive, you shouldn't post things about them, which I haven't seen you do. Also I have heard of a rule, called the 95 rule. If it is within the last 95 years of a birth date there shouldn't be information unless the next of kin says it is ok. Hope this might help. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for putting this information on to help us with our genealogy.

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Thank you! I am interested in opinions as it helps me determine what material to use.