Thursday, April 9, 2009

Resolutions Against Change 1861

Tempers ran high in western Kentucky during the early days of the War Between the States. Citizens often met to discuss the War and to offer their own brand of beliefs. A group consisting of James W. Willett, John Payne Jr., R.C. Harrell, Stephen Pike, Ben Compton, Mat Higginson, Jas. Roberts, Thos. J. Robb, Thos. Barker and Geo. Phipps met in the Cross Roads neighborhood of Union County, Kentucky on the 20th of July 1861, drew up and adopted the following resolutions, which were published in the Henderson Weekly Reporter, Thursday, 9 August 1861. It is important to remember that these folks were fighting not so much for something as they were fighting against change.

Resolved, That we look upon all Yankees, or Northern men loitering around our neighborhood, without having any visible means of support, as dangerous to our interests and the interests of the good citizens of our county and State, and we hereby invite the same to leave our country, and more particularly this neighborhood, and especially one CHAS. WRIGHT, formerly a School Teacher at Cross-Roads.

Resolved, That we call upon all our fellow citizens of the county to unite with us, believing it to be the best and only means by which we can secure our property against the hired Abolition negro thieves of the North (or South) and will discountenance boarding or furnishing a home for the same.

Resolved, That we will not hold ourselves bound to associate or treat, as neighbors should be treated, persons trading with or equalizing themselves with negroes.

Resolved, That we believe it to be the duty of every good citizen to watch his negro quarters, and keep down all assemblages of negroes and see that they are at home, particularly of nights, and that they be not allowed to leave home without special permits.

Resolved, That we respectfully suggest to the consideration of the County Court the propriety of appointing a large and efficient patrol throughout the county, to aid in carrying out the above resolutions.

Resolved, That we believe it to be the duty of every good citizen of our county, who can, to become patrol free of charge.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this convention be
published in the Uniontown News and Henderson Reporter. Jas. M. Willett, Chairman. Jno. Payne Jr., Secretary.

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