Sunday, July 5, 2009

Emancipation of A Slave 1815

Slaves were set free in Kentucky by the last will and testament of the slave owner or through the county court. The slave owner posted bond with security to guarantee that the slave had means for support and maintenance and would not become a charge upon the county. The following document was filed in Livingston County Court in December 1815 and was found in Box 4, Loose County Clerk’s Papers in the Livingston County Clerk’s Office, Smithland, Kentucky. It is also recorded in Deed Book C, page 127. Note the different spellings of surnames.

“I Jesse Lam do hereby emancipate and set free my negro woman slave named Nancy aged about Thirty one years from thence forward to act and be as other free persons of colour given under my hand and seal this 18th day of December 1815. [signed] Jesse Lamb

Know all men by these presents that we Jesse Lam and Phillip Conrad are held and firmly bound unto the commonwealth of Kentucky or to the Justices of the county court of Livingston County now setting and their successors in office to Keep Nancy a negroe woman by the said Lam this emancipated forever clear from being or becoming a county charge given under our hands this 18th day of December 1815.” [signed] Jesse Lamb, Phillip Coonrod.”

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