Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - R. Alice Singleton

Childhood deaths were common during the 1800s. Tombstones for infants were often graced with figures of lambs or angels. If the child was past infancy, the tombstones often resembled those of adults. Because Smithland, Kentucky had so much river traffic, bringing people from all parts of the country, the tombstones are varied - from the very precise, controlled artwork of the East to the simple engravings of name and date of death common in small town Kentucky.

The tombstone for R. Alice Singleton stands silently beside the graves of her mother and her brother, both of whom died in 1845. The inscription on Alice's tombstones is simple, but seems to indicate resignation of her death. The tombstone was photographed 4 December 2009.

To the memory
R. Alice
Daughter of Dr. S.F.
& Louisa
born May 19th
1835 Died
Sept. 23, 1843

Of such is the
Kingdom of Heaven

Copyright on text and photographs
by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG
Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog

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Lori said...

How sad this is, but the stone is lovely.