Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Census Records

School census records can help fill in the gaps caused by the missing 1890 federal census. They usually begin in 1885 and record the names and birthdates, along with the names of parents, guardians or others responsible for children between the ages of 6 and 20 years, even if married.

School census records are found either in the County Board of Education or in the county clerk's office. Most often they are loose papers folded and filed by year. The census records in Livingston County, Kentucky are in bound volumes in the county clerk's office and cover the years 1898-1913. There are separate volumes for white and African American children.
The following school census is for District No. B (Colored) in Livingston County in 1899:

Thomas Jameson in charge of Cozlia, born June 4, 1879, lives Carrsville.

Fannie Jameson in charge of Francis, born Sept. 18, 1881, and Lenie, born Jan. 19, 1884, lives Carrsville.

Joseph Barnes in charge of Richard, born Sept. 28, 1886 and Lenard, born April 18, 1889, lives Carrsville.

Bettie Pringle in charge of Lottie, born Mar. 26, 1890, lives Carrsville.

Mollie Pringle in charge of Lona, born May 8, 1889, and Lloyd, born June 4, 1892, lives Carrsville.

Guss Champion, grandfather, in charge of Asley Taylor, born May 26, 1890, lives Carrsville.

Matilda Champion, uncle, in charge of Mary Fitch, born June 20, 1886, lives Carrsville.

Seg Pringle & wife Pearl, uncle, in charge of Charley Fitch, born April 8, 1891, lives Carrsville.

Earnest Barnett, brother, in charge of Amos Barnett, born June 7, 1881, lives Carrsville.

Earnest Barnett in charge of sister, Annie Barnett, born Nov. 25, 1882, lives Carrsville.

Earnest Barnett in charge of sister, Rama Barnett, born June 29, 1888, lives Carrsville.

Earnest Barnett in charge of niece, Edith Barnett, born Jan. 18, 1891, lives Carrsville.

Total number of children in District = 15. Reported by Thos. Jameson, chairman.

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