Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mystery in the Cemetery

Lying at the outer edge of Smithland Cemetery is an old, broken tombstone. Mystery surrounds the person buried here. Although no one seems to know who erected the tombstone, surely someone must have cared about him to mark his burial site. When Marcy was buried in 1849, there were no other marked graves in the area at the far edge of the cemetery.

Wm. Marcy
A Choctaw Indian
Died Oct 2nd 1849

Wm. Marcy does not appear on any census in Livingston County and his name is absent from records at the court house. How he came to be in Livingston County is unknown. An old newspaper article on Smithland mentions this grave and said it belonged to Chief Dick Marcy. Was this an error - or not?

The Choctaw were not natives of western Kentucky.  How did Marcy get to Livingston County and was he just passing through when he died?  Was he old or young?  Did he have a wife and children?



Anonymous said...

Just wondering if he might have migrated from Scott County, Kentucky where they had the Choctaw Academy - several families migrated from Scott to Caldwell County that I am aware of.

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Thank you! Wonderful clue!