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Union County, Kentucky Constables 1855

In earlier years, constables had wide and varied duties, including executing warrants, summoning witnesses, collecting fees and acting in conjunction with the justices of the peace. To guarantee the faithful performance of his office, each constable and his sureties signed a  bond. Although their duties are diminished today, the office still exists in Kentucky. The following information is taken from Union County, Kentucky Constable Bonds 1853 - 1878 (pages 15-23) , Union County Clerk's Office, Morganfield, Kentucky. Thomas S. Chapman was county clerk in 1855.

Constable: John Dial.  Surety: George W. Nall.  5 March 1855.

Constable: C.B. January.  Sureties: D.A. Brooks, A.L. Churchill, William Buckham.  4 June 1855.

Constable: Robert Herrin. Sureties: Robert Spalding, George Raley.  4 June 1855.

Constable: James T. Hughes. Sureties: Nicholas W. Culver, Henry Payne.  4 June 1855.

Constable: Nicholas W. Culver.  Sureties: James T. Hughes, John W. Griggs, Thomas Markham.  4 June 1855.

Constable: Lewis Mills.  Sureties: T.B. Mills, Joseph A. Mills, Francis Buckman.  4 June 1855.

Constable: James W. Curry.  Sureties: Edward Curry, Benj. P. Wallace, James Curry, James C. Wallace.  4 June 1855.

Constable: Thomas D. Allsop.  Sureties: D.V.M. Sibley, James E. Benson.  4 June 1855.

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