Thursday, May 19, 2011

Affidavit Regarding Heirs of Wylie Jones 1848

Little jewels of information can be found in many Caldwell County, Kentucky records.  The following gem can be found in  Caldwell County Order Book G, pages 276 and is dated  Monday, 15 May 1848. Wouldn't you love to find an item like this on your family?

"The affidavit of Mary J. Blick affiant being of lawful age and first duly sworn says that she has been for 40 years passed acquainted with Wylie Jones now here in open Court, that she Knew him when he lived in Brunswick County Virginia, that he married Sarah C. Ogburn daughter of Benjamin Ogburn of said County Now deceased, that he has been residing in Caldwell and Crittenden Counties in this State for about 14 years past, that he has two daughters who are now residing in this County one of whom Agness Sarah Harris is the wife of Mr. Frederick N. Harris, the other Mary J. Jones, is 18 years of age and that they are the children of Wylie Jones by his wife Sarah C. Ogburn formerly and the only children living which sd. Sarah had. She further states that she is the sister of Wylie Jones, was raised in Virginia and has been in this state for about 14 years past. Also the affidavit of Pleasant Conway, who being duly sworn says that he has Known Wylie Jones since Wylie was a boy, Knew him in Virginia in Dunwoodie[?] County, Knew that he married in Brunswick County and always understood hs wifes maiden name was Sarah C. Ogburn, [knew] her well after she was married, Knew that they removed to the County about 14 or 10 years past  his wife Sarah C. died in this County about 12 years since leaving two daughters Sarah Agness now married to Frederick N. Harris and Mary J. Jones yet Single and about 18 years of age which are the only children sd. Sarah had which are now living  Affiant has been well acquainted with Jones and wife up to her death since his boyhood and can make the above statement with certainty."

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That is a gem of a document.