Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Statistics

I like statistics. Numbers speak to me. The blog statistics tell me if people are reading this blog, which articles are of interest and which are not read very often. They also tell me in which countries the readers reside. Let's do a short recap.

Since this blog was initiated 6 October 2007, there have been 787 posts. The highest number of hits occurred in January 2012 with the second highest number being in May 2009. As expected, most of our readers live in the U.S. with the following being among the other countries represented most often: Germany, Russia, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Also represented are the Ukraine, France, Canada and Iran. Russia, Ukraine and Iran are surprises ... mistakes?

More people use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari than any other browsers. No surprise there.

The most-read articles since 2007 appear in order of their popularity along the left side bottom of the blog. Andrew Jackson tomb draws the most hits and second is Board of Health Report 1901-1902 - Small Pox. Now that I know the statistics, what should I do about them? Any suggestions? What counties are of interest to you? What types of articles do you prefer?

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Jim S said...

I look at my stats as well. I started my blog in May of last year, but didn't start to post regularly until this January. I'm planning on using the statistics to see what readers are most interested in an posting more entries relating to that subject.