Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stores Closed on Sunday 1836

Blue Laws are nothing new in Kentucky. Even in the 1830s merchants banded together to keep stores and shops closed on the Sabbath. The following Article of Agreement among merchants, mechanicks, grocery and tavern keepers was found among loose county clerk's papers in Livingston County.

"We the undersigned traders & Merchants of the town of Salem, Ky. for the purpose of correcting some degree the pernicious practice of Opening Shops, Stores, &c on Sunday, do obligate ourselves to close & keep closed our doors on the Sabath, & in all cases refuse to trade with any who may come to town on said day to loiter & drink. And do further agree unanimously to present any Grocery, Store or Shop that persists in so unholy & unlawful practice in Salem. June 7, 1836. The above obligation is not to prevent the furnishing of medicin Shrouds &c Sent for by the sick or required for the Dead. [signed] Greer & William, [?] Johnson, G. Robertson, [?] Richardson & Greer, Jos. Watts, Bayliss & McCrosky, Joseph Watts & Co., H.M. Woods, Given Williams & Given, R. & W.U. Hodge, Bass & Williams."

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