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Obituary of Maj. Fayette Posey 1869

What a treat it is to discover copies of old western Kentucky newspapers. The following obituary was found in the 2 December 1869 issue of the Henderson Reporter, at the Henderson County Public Library.

Died - in Henderson county, Kentucky Oct. 5th, 1869, Major Fayette Posey, in the 85th year of his age.

In the Life of Dr. Archibald Alexander, it is mentioned that at the early age of 17, he (Dr. A.) became tutor in the family of General Posey, who resided in the Wilderness, 12 miles west of Fredericksburg in the county of Spottsylvania, Virginia. [Quoting from this book], "Gen. Posey had done service to the Revolution as a commander of riflemen in Morgan's famous corps, in which he rose to be Colonel. Mrs. Posey had been a beauty in her youth, was now (1789) at the age of 40, a fine and stately person." These were the parents of Fayette Posey. It may be added that the father, Gen. Thomas Posey, afterward held the position of Governor of the North-western Territory.

Maj. Fayette Posey was born on the 24th day of October, A.D. 1784. Early in the present century, while yet a youth, he removed with the family to Kentucky and settled near what is now the town of Henderson ... and continued to reside until his death.

For 60 years he was a member and a large portion of that period, a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church. As a politician, he took the side of the Union in the late conflict ...

He died suddenly, while absent from home, on business connected with his estate, one son only of his family being present when the summons came. For many years he had been afflicted with a disease of the heart, and it was doubtless the messenger which God had commissioned to summon him to the eternal world. He complained of slight chilliness, sat down by the fire, resting his face on his hands and before those who stood near him were conscious of any danger, his spirit had fled.

And thus has passed away another of the fathers.

More than 60 years ago he was a student in Washington College, now under the Presidency of General Lee. He sat under the preaching of McGready, who, more than a quarter of a century ago, sunk into the grave.

Maj. Posey was twice married. His second wife - his companion and true helper through more than 40 years of his pilgrimage - five sons and two daughters, with other numerous descendants, survive him.

Maj. Fayette Posey is buried in Lot 154, Space 4, Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson.

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