Saturday, November 8, 2014

Memories of Uncle Bob Heath - Part III

This is the conclusion of the memories of Uncle Bob Heath (born 1815) of Crittenden County, Kentucky, as published in the 21 May 1908 issue of the Crittenden Record-Press.

"Revs. Jiles and Flynn preached at the Old Camp Creek Church when he was a boy. He remembers Dr. Cutler of Mattoon and Stewart of Old Salem. These men led the medical profession in their day and esteemed because of their education and knowledge. These doctors believed in the old fashioned practice of bleeding for most ailments.

"Uncle Bob has distinct recollection of the notorious James Ford. He remembers buying goods from Ford while he had a store at Ford's ferry. In person Ford is described as a very large man with a red face.

"Uncle Bob says he has heard many legends and tales of the old river band of outlaws ... their rendezvous at Cave-in-Rock; of headless men and bleaching bones, and all the horrors of river piracy.

"Uncle Bob thinks that the Civil War is too recent to be of much interest. He says that a lot of Federal gunboats were always busy flying up and down the Ohio river, many loud noises, reports of guns, and human voices being almost continuously heard.

"Uncle Bob feels that the ninety three years he has lived is a rare privilege for which he is thankful to God. The progress of the world during that time has been a wonder of wonders ... still finds much in this world to enjoy and be happy about, but he is patiently awaiting the flight of his spirit to the future world."

According to his obituary, which appeared in the 9 March 1911 issue of the Crittenden Press, Uncle Bob Heath died at his home in Weston 5 March at the age of 97 years. He is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

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