Thursday, December 4, 2014

She Changed Her Name

Things do not always work out as planned and we might wish to return to a better time, sometimes making a name change. The following document illustrates this situation, which was found in a file marked "Petitions" in the Caldwell County, Kentucky Clerk's Office in Princeton, Kentucky.

"To the Honorable, the Judge of the Caldwell County Court -
The undersigned desires her name changed.  Her name was originally Mary G. Parker, being her maiden name. She first married Thomas J. Early[1], who is dead. Then she married one Hamlin H. Hicks[2], from whom she was divorced by a judgement [sic] of the Caldwell Circuit Court Ky. at its September term 1856.

"Her age is thirty five years, her place of birth is Caldwell County Ky. She desires her name changed to Mary G. Early.                                  Respectfully, Mary G. Hicks.

Sworn to before me by Mary G. Hicks this July 13th 1858.  J.C. Barnes, DC."

[Reverse:  Mary G. Hicks Petition to County Court to Change her name. July 13th 1858 filed in my office. June Term 1858 filed in open Court & approv.  J.C. Weller, Clk.]

[1] Caldwell County, Kentucky Marriage Book 2:16. Thomas J. Early and Miss Mary G. Parker married 15 October 1840 Caldwell County. Consent for bride by her mother, Katharine G. Smith. 
[2] Caldwell County, Kentucky Marriage Book 3:119.  Hamlin Hicks and Mrs. Mary Early married 29 November 1853.

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