Thursday, August 13, 2015

List of Livingston County Fines 1847

A list of causes of fines in Livingston County provides a brief view into life during the mid-1800s. These fines were the result of charges filed and judgments rendered in Livingston Circuit Court at the November term 1847. Profanity resulted in more fines than all the other charges combined. I am surprised there were only two fines for an affray (fighting in a public place that disturbs the peace) and only one fine for drunkenness. There were three cases of overseers of roads being fined for not performing their duties. The categories for each column are as follows:  Names - Causes of fines - Dollars - Cents - Remarks.  This list was found in Loose Papers, Livingston County Clerk's Office, Box 1, 1840 - 1938. Click on the list for an enlarged view.

Published 13 August 2015, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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