Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bible Record of W.G. and L.J. Springs

The following Bible record was shared with me by the late Bob Brown of Lexington, Kentucky in the 1990s. Written on an inside page of the Bible is this: "Mrs. Lyda Springs Book  February 13, 1897." W.G. and L.J. Springs, along with their daughter, Dora, are found on the 1870 Crittenden County, Kentucky census.

William Springs and L.J. Flanary was married Dec. 17, 1868.

W.G. Springs was born March the 9, 1845.
L.J. Springs his wife was born May the 28, 1847.

Dora Dean daughter of Wm. and L.J. Springs was born Oct. 7, 1869.
Laura Bell daughter of Wm. [and] L.J. Springs was born Feb. the 25, 1872.
Fanny May daughter of Wm. [and] Lyda Springs was born July 20, 1877.
Deller and Eller son and daughter of Wm. and Lyda Springs was born and died August the 27, 1879.
John Calvin, son of William and L.J. Springs was born August the 12, 1880.
Allice J. daughter of William and L.J. Springs was born July the 10, 1883.

Roy E. Flanary died in our home May the 16th, 1901  aged two years and three months.

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