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Stanley P. Gower's Tavern Bond 1825

Before receiving a license to operate a tavern, the tavern keeper had to post bond to guarantee that he would faithfully perform the requirements associated with keeping a tavern.  The bond could be renewed yearly.

The bond below is of special interest as it was granted to Stanley P. Gower, who operated a tavern in what was originally called Bell Tavern, but was later known as the Gower House. This bond was granted 3 October 1825 and was the first known license granted to Gower to keep a tavern in Smithland.   The bond was recorded in Livingston County Order Book G, page 160.

"Know all men by these presents that we Stanly P. Gower are [sic] held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the penal sum of One Hundred pounds current Money for the payment of which will and truly to be made we bind ourselves and heirs &c jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed and dated this 3d day of October 1825.               
The condition of the above  obligation  is such that whereas the above bound Stanly P. Gower hath this day obtained a license to Keep Tavern at his own house  in the County of Livingston.
Now if the said Gower shall Constantly find and provide in his said Tavern good wholesome Cleanly Lodging and diet, for Travellers and Stablige and provinder or pasturage for horses for the Term of one year from the date hereof And shall not suffer or permit any unlawful gameing, in his house nor suffer any person to Tipple of drink more than is necessary, or at any time Suffer any disorderly or Scandalous behaveour to be practiced in his said house with his priority or Consent and also pay and Satisfy the Taxes on said license then this obligation to be Void else to remain in full force and Virtue."
[signed] Stanly P. Gower {seal}   Joseph Haydock {seal}   Att: Ro. C. Bigham, Clk.

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