Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emancipation of Slave 1819

Slaves in Kentucky were emancipated through the county court or through a provision in the last will and testament of the slave's owner. The following handwritten document provided for the emancipation of a slave woman, Mary, by Milintha Johnson. This paper was located in the loose county court papers, Emancipations, Caldwell County Clerk's Office.

"Caldwell County July 27  1819

                "Whereas for the many valuable servises rendered unto me  and my family by my negro woman Mary, who has assisted me through many of the hardships of life
                "I do hereby make known to all Persons that said black woman Mary is to be free at my death.  And I do by these presents emancipate and set free the said Negro woman Mary at my death hereby requesting the County Court of Caldwell to give this paper a place on their records together with her papers of freedom after my decease.
                "In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the date above in Presence of                                                                             [signed] Milintha (X her mark) Johnson.
                Test  Thos. Beck   Joshua G. Church"


[Reverse: Bill of Emancipation  Negro Woman Mary  by}  Mrs. Johnson.  Proven by Beck & Church Augst 23d  1819.      1819  Emancipation]

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