Saturday, July 1, 2017

They Snowballed the Fire

On this hot summer day (90 degrees), maybe this story will cool you off.

They Snowballed the Fire[1]

The citizens of Smithland, Ky. adopted a novel method of extinguishing a fire during the winter season. A blaze started in a residence, and when the usual impromptu bucket brigade arrived at the scene, it was found that no water was to be had, every available supply being frozen and the ground covered with snow.  Finally a bright idea struck someone in the crowd, and the suggestion was made that the party should use snow to subdue the flames.

The excited citizens divided, and one company rolled up snowballs about a foot in diameter and passed them on to others, who heaved them over on the rapidly consuming structure.  The house being on the hillside made this an easy matter, as they secured a good vantage ground on the hill above the house, which rendered it an easy matter to throw the snow over with accuracy and effect.  To make a long story short, the fire was extinguished before it gained any headway in the main building, and the floors in one or two other rooms were saved.

The people in Smithland are still talking about how they put out the fire.

[1] The Daily Chronicle, De Kalb, Illinois, Saturday, 9 May 1896, p. 4.

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