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Livingston County, Kentucky Guardians 1864

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was under the age of 21 years. At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian. To guarantee the faithful performance of his duties, the guardian was required to post bond with a surety.  The following information has been abstracted from Livingston County Guardian Bond Book C (1863-1878) and Livingston County Court Order Book M. The last notation indicates Order Book M, page number.

Bayliss S. Canada was appointed guardian of William James Canada, Elizabeth Ann Canada and Charles Canada, all under the age of 14 years.. Surety: T.A. Leeper.  7 Mar 1864. [M/226]

T.A. Leeper was appointed guardian of J.H. Jobe and George C. Jobe, both under the age of 14 and the infants of J.B. Jobe dec'd. Surety: R.S. Harmon.  7 Mar 1864.   [M/228]

W.R. Frazier was chosen guardian by Levi Frazier, over the age of 14 and the infant of Felix L. Frazier. Surety: Wm. Evans. 7 Mar 1864.  [M/228]

James Tracey was appointed guardian of Julia Ann Tracey, James M. Tracey and John T. Tracey, under the age of 14 and infants of Sarah J. Wilson [sic] dec'd. Surety: G.G. Rappolee. 5 Sep 1864.  [M/248]

T.R. Duley was appointed guardian of Laura Champion, Rosalie Champion and Adaline Champion, all under the age of 14. Surety: E.M. Duley.  5 Dec 1864..   [M/262]

Mary A. Alley was chosen guardian by Absy L. Alley and Loudemia Alley, both over the age of 14 and infants of A.M.B. Alley dec'd. Mary A. Alley was appointed guardian of Giles D. Alley, Mary D. Alley, Martha Ann Alley and Thomas B. Alley, infants of A.M.B. Alley and all  under the age of 14. Surety: J.H. Alley.  5 Dec 1864.  [M/262]

William Banks was appointed guardian of James A. Taylor, under 14 years and heir of James E. Taylor dec'd. Surety: N.D. Todd.  5 Dec 1864. Surety: N.D. Todd.  [M/263]

T.M. Robertson  was chosen guardian by Melissa B. Robertson, over the age of 14 and an infant heir of T.B. Robertson. Surety: D.B. Sanders.  5 Dec 1864. [M/265]

Martha Wooldridge selected H.B. Edwards as her guardian, Martha being over 14 and an infant heir of Edward Wooldridge. Surety: R.S. Boyd. 5 Dec 1864. [M/265]

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