Thursday, August 2, 2018

An Interesting Family ... What?

I have read a lot of obituaries  in my research and it always causes me to pause and wonder what is meant by the decedent having an "interesting family."  Was the family so ordinary that it was a struggle to find something positive to say or was the family so strange it was difficult to find something nice to say about them?  I don't know the answer.  Do you?  Here is an example of an "interesting family."

"Death of a Well-Known Kentuckian - Many of our citizens will be pained to learn of the death of Mr. John N. Sutcliff, of Marion, Crittenden County, Ky., which melancholy event transpired on Wednesday last, at his home in Crittenden County.  His disease was an affection of the spine and inflammation of the bowels.  Mr. Sutcliff was well know [sic] to many  of our citizens, by whom he was highly esteemed.  He was a large-hearted, genial, social gentleman, and made many warm friends.  He leaves an interesting family, who have the warmest sympathy of the many friends of the deceased in this dark hour of their affliction." [1]

[1] "Death of a Well-Known Kentuckian," The Evansville Daily Journal, Sat., 6 February 1869, p. 4.

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