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Livingston County, Kentucky Strays 1803

Stray records include not only livestock, but also boats and other water vehicles found adrift. The found item was taken before the local justice of the peace, appraised and a small fee paid. The "finder" had to swear he had not changed, defaced or altered any marks or brands on the item. If no one claimed it after a period of time, the found item could become the property of the finder. 

Stray Records are a good way to put a particular person in a particular place at a particular time. In 1803 Livingston County included all of the land now in the counties of Caldwell, Crittenden, Lyon and part of Trigg.  Eddyville was the county seat of Livingston County at this time.

The following entries have been abstracted from Livingston County Stray Book 1799 - 1852 in the Livingston County Clerk's Office, Smithland, Kentucky.

15 Feb 1803        Taken up by George Mays, a brown cow appraised to $7.  Joseph Reed, JP.

10 May 1803       Taken up by William Dean living on the waters of Livingston Creek, Livingston County, a bay mare appraised to $50.  Joseph Reed, JP.

30 May 1803       This may certify that the within subscribers have appraised a certain bay horse taken up by Samuel C. Clark and appraised to $40, Eddyville, Livingston County by Michael Purkel Senr. and John W. Throop.  Charles Stewart, JP.

2 Jul 1803             Taken up by Daniel Hazle Junr. on Deer Creek, a brown stud horse appraised to $90.  Jesse Ford, JP.

6 Oct 1803           Taken up by Lewis Pyburn, Cave Creek, a sorrel filly appraised to $20 by John Flint, James Greer and Arthur Williams.  John Stapleton, JP.

7 Dec 1803           A steer taken up by Joshua Gross living on dry fork of Sandy Creek, appraised to $7.  Jesse Ford, JP.

12 Nov 1803        A steer taken up by John Story and appraised by William Brister & Samuel Purtle to $15.  Joseph Reed, JP.

3 Dec 1803           Posted by William Brown Esqr., 5 head of hogs appraised by Arthur H. Davis and Zachariah Wade to amount of $9.   William Mitchusson, JP.

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