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John Elder - Deceased 1799

John Elder
Dec  Oc 21  1799

Buried Livingston Church Cemetery, near Crittenden County line in Caldwell County, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 15 March 2013. The cemetery is on private land.

In 1797, Livingston Presbyterian Church was organized  by the Rev. Terah Templin and a group of his followers, who had left the Lebanon, Kentucky area to settle in western Kentucky.  This church was the first church organized in what is today Caldwell County and the first church of any denomination organized in this part of Kentucky west of the Green River.[1]  In 1797, the church land was in Logan County, but, by March of that year, Christian County had been created and the church fell into Christian County. In 1799, this part of Christian County was located in the newly-created county of Livingston and, in 1809, the land was in Caldwell County. Without moving, Livingston Church and its cemetery was in four different counties.

John Elder's tombstone is the oldest in Livingston Church Cemetery.  There are a total of nine tombstones in this cemetery, four with the surname of Elder.

[1] Littleton Groom. History of the Livingston Prebyterian Church, U.S.A.  Caldwell County, Kentucky  1797-1885 (Princeton, NJ: n.p., 1966) 1.

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