Saturday, October 20, 2007

Caldwell County, Kentucky Justices 1811

The county court was composed of the local Justices of the peace in early Kentucky. Among other duties, the county court was responsible for the appointment of administrators and appraisors of estates, guardians, officials for county elections and overseers of roads; granting of tavern and coffeehouse licenses; recording ear marks of stock and proving wills. The justices occupied a place of prominence in the county.

The following is a list of Justices of the peace in Caldwell County, Kentucky in 1811 and was found among loose county court papers, Caldwell County clerk's office, Princeton, Kentucky.

John Mercer
David James
Bennett Langston
Arthur H. Davis
Josiah Whitnell
Jesse Williams
Alexr. Stevenson
John Bradley
Nehemiah Cravens
Matthew Lyon
Washington Thompson
David Osburn
William Duncan
William Anderson
Given under my hand Decr. 14th 1811. Jno. H. Phelps, Clk.

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