Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pleasant Grove School Students 1920

Pleasant Grove School District. 2 - Crittenden County, Kentucky.

Vernie R. Summers, Teacher
I.L.F. Paris, Supt. J.R. Croft, Trustee
Dolcie Watson
May Croft
Eickle Curnel
Julian Love
Louis Croft
Lockett Love
Opal Bebout
Loy Sweat
Lenah Bebout
Agnes Millikan
Olcie Croft
Velda Little
Cyble Millikan
Edith Bebout
Crawford Bebout
Vernon Croft
Orlin Lone
Loyd Croft
Givens Bebout
Ford Bebout
Eskel Dainels
H. Ruddel Barnes
Emma Belt
Mary Davidson
Birtie Millikan
Ernest Davidson
Duglas Croft
Alley Croft
Lenora Belt
Venard Ingrem
Annie Cook
Okha Little
Dee Croft
Rhea Croft
Prentis Croft
Roy Curnel
Lucile Love
Willie Little
Macie Corn
Ica Croft
Lois Little
Ruby Bebout
Ona Croft
Ethel Croft
Ercie Croft
Ivan Garnett
Orvin Croft
Louise Love
Viva Bebout
Josie Cook
William Barnes
Zula Little
Vera Madry
Georgie Croft
Beulah Millikan
Edgar Croft
Ralph Barnes
Beulah Belt
Ollie Lynn
This little booklet was found among my mother's things after her death. Since she was only one year old in 1920, I suspect one of her many Croft or Bebout cousins shared it with her. Listed here is Lena(h) Bebout, my mother's friend, cousin and sister-in-law. Aunt Lena died at the age of 97 in Crittenden County just a year ago.

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