Thursday, May 29, 2008

Powers of Attorney 1818

When one person appoints another person to act as his agent to perform specific acts in his behalf, he files an instrument of writing called a Power of Attorney. The following Powers of Attorney have been abstracted from loose papers in the Caldwell County Clerk’s Office, Princeton, Kentucky.

I do hereby impower Justn. Cartwright to sell & transfer my platt &c for 200 acres of land granted to me on a County Court Certificate from Livingston County May 7th 1804 lying on flyns fork of Tradewater adjoining Elisha Thurmonds 200 acre claim on the S.W. [signed] Polley Cartwright. Wit: Justn. Cartwright Jr. Dated 23 Jun 1818. Recorded 30 Jun 1818.

Know all men ... I constitute and appoint Jesse Cobb of Caldwell County my lawful attorney & agent with full power to let, lease or rent for me a tract of land which I own lying on Cumberland River about 4 miles below this place on the south side of the river containing 141 acres. [signed] Elisha Grady. Wit: M. Lyon Jr. Dated 7 Aug 1818. Recorded 27 Sep 1821.

Know all men ... I C.H.J. Briscoe do hereby constitute & appoint John Bradley of Eddyville my true & lawful agent & attorney to sign my name to a replevin bond to Jacob Doom, should Doom get a Judgment against me in Caldwell Circuit Court on an action of Covenant now pending in which Doom is Plaintiff and I am Defendant. [signed] C.H.J. Briscoe. Dated 8 Aug 1818. Recorded 8 Dec 1818.

Know all men ... I Jeremiah Murray of Caldwell County constitute and appoint my brother John B. Murray of Union County, Illinois Territory my true and lawful agent and attorney to commence a suit of Slander against Samuel Hunsacker of Union County, Illinois Territory to prosecute the same ... to obtain a judgment against Hunsacker and to sign my name to all necessary instruments. [signed] Jeremiah (X his mark) Murray. Dated and recorded 9 Aug 1818.

I James Cannon of Missouri Territory constitute and appoint Arthur H. Davis of Caldwell County my true and lawful agent & attorney to defend a suit now pending in the Caldwell Circuit Court wherein Thomas Brooks Jr is Complainant and I am defendant in Chancery; also appoint David to transact all business in which I am concerned in the state of Kentucky. [signed] James (X his mark) Cannon. Dated and recorded 21 Aug 1818.

I John Lyon appoint Thomas Barlow of Caldwell County my attorney to proceed in obtaining a pattan [patent] for a tract of land in his own name that was surveyed in my name on a Certificate of 265 achors [acres] originally granted to Catsey B. McNabb by Livingston County Court in 1806. [signed] John Lyon. Wit: John Hall. Dated 21 Aug 1818. Recorded 22 Mar 1819.

Know all men ... I William Brown of Illinois Territory & County of Gallatin have made, constituted & appointed my trusty friend Mr. Thomas Hail of Caldwell County my true & lawful attorney to sell & convey a title to a certain tract of land in Caldwell County granted to Wm. Brown, assignee of Isaac Job, containing 200 acres on the waters of Eddy Creek in the Eddy Grove, dated 15 Nov 1807. [signed] William (X his mark)Brown. Wit: John Haworth, Gatley Davis, John Jones. Dated 1 Apr 1818. Recorded 25 May 1818.

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