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Bond - Stone Marriage Contract 1845

It is common for a couple contemplating marriage to draw up a contract whereby the property of each person is to remain within their control and, after their death, to go to their own children. The following contract between William B. Bond and Mrs. Alley Stone is unusual in that Alley is to continue to act for herself, her children are to live with the couple after their marriage, but Bond is to support them without cost. It seems rather modern in content, but dates from 1845. This marriage contact is located in Livingston County, Kentucky Deed Book HH, pages 155-156. William B. Bond and Mrs. Alley Stone did obtain a marriage bond in Livingston County on 11 Oct 1845, but no return has been recorded. William B. and Alley Bond appear together on the 1850 Livingston County census, page 339B.

This Indenture made and entered into this 11th day of October 1845 between William B. Bond of Crittenden County, Ky and Mrs. Alley Stone, widow of Caleb Stone of Livingston County, Ky. Witnesseth that whereas a marriage by Gods permission is shortly intended to be had and solemnized Between the sd. Wm. B. Bond and Alley Stone and whereas Alley Stone has four children living with her, viz: Washington T., Andrew J., Wm. H. and Jas. W. She has one other child, a daughter married off Anna Hill wife o James Hill not living with her all heirs of Caleb Stone dec’d and whereas Alley Stone owns property now of various kinds consisting of Beds, bedding, crockery ware, one clock or in other words Household and Kitchen furniture, one waggon, Horses and Mares, Killing Hogs, stock Hogs, Steer and cattle. Now it is distinctly understood and agreed upon by and Between Wm. B. Bond and Alley Stone that Bond is to have no claim, right or interest in sd. property whatever by reason of the marriage now intended. The whole is to be and remain subject to the use, control and management exclusively of her Alley Stone after the marriage as now and free from any hindrance of him Wm. B. Bond. And if Alley Stone should hereafter or shall at this time be entitled to any money property or land or other thing of Value by Will descent or devise It is distinctly understood by the parties of this writing that it is to belong exclusively to the sd. Alley Stone free from any claim right or incumbrance of him the sd. Wm. B. Bond in any poprible [sic] event whatever. Alley Stone is in the same manner as above to have the exclusive control use management and direction of it. It is her privilege and right will to dispose of all of it at her death or before if she things proper and no incumbrance is to be thrown over it by reason of this intended marriage with Bond.

It is further understood by the parties that if she Alley thinks proper and prudent to purchase property of any kind during the marriage she is at liberty to do so and to have it secured to her and to be used by her in any way she please free against from any claim or right of him the sd. Bond by reason of this marriage, but said property is to be purchased with Alley Stone’s own means. It is further understood and agreed upon by the parties that sd. children Washington T., Andrew J., Wm. H. and Jas. W. Stone are to go and live with them, Wm. B. Bond and Alley Stone after Marriage and Bond is to clothe and school them and protect and do for them as he would for his own without cost and charge to them. [signed] Wm. B. (X) Bond, Alley (X) Stone. Witness: J.L. Dallam. Recorded 11
Oct 1845.

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