Monday, July 7, 2008

Webster County News August 1906

Newspaper items in the 31 August 1906 issue of the Henderson Daily Gleaner, tell of the day-to-day events of life in the Webster County community of Slaughtersville. No other source allows us to read about life as it was.

Slaughtersville, Ky., Aug. 10 - Rev. B.F. Orr, of Henderson, delivered a very interesting lecture Wednesday evening at the Methodist church on "The Bright Side of Life."

On Wednesday evening of last week a most delightful moonlight picnic was given at the lake. Those who attended were Misses Birdie, Addie and Janet Toombs, Lula, Annie and Myrtle Coffman, Ray Prather, Mr. and Mrs. Otho Fowler of Kuttawa, Mr. W.B. Maple, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hutchen of Louisville, Mrs. C.L. Ashby of Madisonville and Warren L. Reynolds.

Rev. Joe Randolph, of Cerulean, is visiting his parents, Rev. and Mrs. T.J. Randolph.

Miss Nellie Ashby, of Madisonville, was in town Tuesday en route to Evansville, where she is attending school.

A big crowd of country people were in town Thursday to attend the circus and all of the town folk turned out with the children.

Mr. John W. Hutchen, a representative of the Children's Home Society, who has been here with six children, was fortunate enough to find homes for each of them with the best people of our town and vicinity.

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