Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apprenticeship of Motherless Boy

I love the deed books! Have I said this before? Let me say it again - I love the deed books! You never know what will be found among all those transfers of land. So far, I have found marriage contracts, divisions of estate, agreements, wills, and indentures of apprenticeship. The following apprenticeship record comes from Livingston County, Kentucky Deed Book HH, page 121.

“Article of agreement and understanding made and entered into this 21st day of June 1845 between Joseph Caststeele of the one part and Peter Jones of the other part, both of Livingston County, Kentucky. Witnesseth that the sd. Joseph Caststeele is a Widower and has a son by the name of Samuel Caststeele who will be Thirteen years of age on the 6th day of August next and now in consideration of a house for the sd. boy Samuel and six months schooling to be hereafter given and furnished by the sd. Peter Jones to the sd. boy Samuel together with a decent new suit home made clothes and Twenty Shillings to be given by Peter Jones to the Boy Samuel on his arriving at Twenty one years of age, which will be the 6th day of August 1853, I the sd. Joseph Caststeele Do this day and by these presents Doth put and place and bind out Samuel Caststeele as an apprentice to live with the sd. Peter Jones to learn the art trade and mystery of a farmer, the sd. Samuel after the manner of an apprentice to dwell with and serve Peter Jones from the date hereof until the 6th day of August 1853 ... during which term or time the apprentice shall well and faithfully swerve his master keep his secrets and every where and at all times readily obey his lawful commands he shall do no damage to his master nor willfully suffer any to be done by others and if to his Knowledge any be intended to give his master reasonable notice thereof. He shall not waste the goods of his master no lend them unlawfully to anyone.

“He shall not play at cards dice or any other unlawful game. He shall not commit fornication, nor contract matrimony during the term or time. He shall not haunt or frequent Taverns ale houses or tippling shops or places of gaming. He shall not absent himself from the service of his master, but in all other things and at all times he shall carry and behave himself as a good and faithful apprentice ought during the whole time or term. And Jones on his part doth hereby promise covenant and agree to teach and instruct Samuel or cause him to be taught or instructed in the art trade and mystery of a farmer by the best way and means he can & to give him six months schooling and also to find and provide Samuel good and sufficient meat drink clothing and lodging and other necessaries fit and convenient for such an apprentice ... and at the expiration of his servitude give him a decent suit of new home made clothes together with Twenty Shillings in money.” /s/ Joseph (X) Caststeele, Peter Jones. Recorded 21 June 1845.

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Anonymous said...

I found this very interesting. My great grandmother was Augusta Ware Webb and I was named Cassandra for her mother.