Friday, October 10, 2008

Lyon County, Kentucky Guardian Bonds 1859

Guardian appointments were recorded not only in county court minutes, but also in guardian bond books. Both of these records are usually found in the county clerk’s offices with the exception of one county. Because of very limited space in the Lyon County courthouse, many of the older records, including bond books and county court minutes, have been transferred to the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives. The following records have been abstracted from Lyon County Guardian List Book, microfilm roll #7003714, which is available from KDLA in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Stephen B. Tisdale was appointed guardian of W.H. Tisdale and Martin C. Tisdale 4 February 1859.

F.M. Glenn was appointed guardian of Nancy J. Glenn and Jas. T. Glenn 4 February 1859. Settlement was filed 18 March 1861.

Robeson Cobb was appointed guardian of John H. Heath, Edwin Heath, Chas. F. Heath and Isabella M. Heath 19 March 1859. Settlement was filed 27 May 1861.

J.W. Clark was appointed guardian of A. Warren Clark 27 June 1859.

Giles L. Cobb was appointed guardian of Elizabeth Walker 24 October 1859. He reported 3 March 1861 that nothing had come to his hands.

R.N. Cobb was appointed guardian of Geraldine Stone, Josephine Stone, Ellen Stone, Nancy Stone and Lavenia Stone 7 December 1859. He reported February 1861 that no estate had come to his hands.

Thomas Gregory was appointed guardian of James T. Gregory 26 December 1859.

N. Langston was appointed guardian of D.M. Guess and Joel W. Guess 26 December 1859.

Sarah Hollingsworth was appointed guardian of Chas. R. Guess 26 December 1859. She reported 4 April 1861 that no estate has come to her hands.


Pat Durda said...

Hello Brenda,
Thank you for sharing your expertise regarding KY genealogy. I'm looking for the parents of Mary Florence Jenkins born in 1852 in Eddyville KY, married John F. Wilson in 1871 in Trigg and died in Brownwood TX in 1923. I can find her in census records in 1900, 1910, and 1920 with her husband in Texas. And I think I found her in 1860 living with the Alex Dudley Family in Eddyville. Alex was county clerk and living with him, his wife and childen were two Jenkins girls: Anna W and Florence. I can assume that the parents were dead but wondered if you could direct me as to where I might look to confirm this. Thank you very much. Pat Durda

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Pat, have you read the county court minutes from 1854, when Lyon County was created, and 1860, when you find the girls on the census, to see if the father died and an administrator of his estate was appointed? I do not find a will listed for any Jenkins in Lyon County before 1860. You might want to check for guardian bonds prior to 1859 in Lyon as well as in Caldwell County. Also, watch for a Indenture of Apprenticeship just in case the girls were bound out. Again, check Caldwell as well as Lyon County. All of these records (guardian bonds, Indentures of Apprenticeship and appointment of an administrator) should be found in the county court minutes. Good luck.