Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Subscription School Pledges 1852

In order to obtain an education for their children, parents of students were obliged to pledge payment to either the school trustees or the teacher. The following list of subscribers was found in a county court case in which the trustees of School District 31 in Crittenden County, Kentucky sued John Yates for non-payment of his pledge.

We the undersigned promise to pay to the Trustees of School District No. 31 Crittenden Co Ky. the amount set to our names for the support of a common school in sd. District for the term of Five months (twenty weeks) the school to commence in September next. August 1852.

J.L. Maxwell $5.00
Andrew Love paid
Jordan Hoover $5.00
B.B. Terry 8.00
Jesse Lucus paid
J.M.[?] Smart 3.00
John R. Jones 4.00
John Yatz 10.00
James Davis 2.00 [marked out]
S.A. Farmer paid 5.00
Richard Elson 5.00 [marked out]
Alexr. Coleman 5.00
S.G. Stevens 5.00
R.A. Love 6.00
O.B. Migget 2.00
Arthur Love 5.00
Berry Ellison 6.00
A. Franklin 5.00
William Love paid 5.00
George Clarke 3.00
Jordan Doubty 1.00
Jesse Champion paid 2.00
P. Kidd paid 4.00

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