Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Richard and Julia Weston

Julia A.
Wife of
R.C. Weston
Died Oct. 28, 1854
31 Years

Richard C. Weston
Aug. 4, 1815
May 1, 1881

Julia A. and Richard C. Weston are both buried in Smithland Cemetery beside their two sons, Arthur, who died in 1849 at the age of 5 years, and Richard, who died as an infant in 1851. Richard's tombstone was photographed in November 2008 and Julia's was photographed in January 2009.

Richard Weston was born in Nashville, Tennessee, married (1) Julia Hickman 13 October 1839 in Livingston County, (2) Pernecia A. White 15 December 1853 and (3) Eunice --. Among his known children are Arthur, Mary, Clementine, Isabelle, Richard, Ellen, Julia Ann, William M., James L., Minnie, and Emma. This family lived in Smithland until after 1870, when they moved to Paducah, Kentucky.

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Gensleuth said...

Thanks for the photos. I've long been interested in Julia Ann Weston. She is somehow related to my Mills family. Julia's mother, Mary Hickman, gave permission for my 3rd great-grandmother, Julia Ann Katz/Kates, to marry James W. Mills. James was another early riverboat man of Smithland. The Mills family is buried in this cemetery.