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Newspapers are a great source for filling in gaps in genealogical research. Everything that might possibly be of interest was reported in the local newspapers, even if the parties resided across the river or in another county. The following items concern residents of Union County, Kentucky, but appeared in the Gallatin Democrat, published in Shawneetown, Illinois.

8 July 1898
Al Cole accompanied by his wife and sister, Miss Lary, attended the funeral of his grandmother, Mrs. Robert Hales of Uniontown, Ky. Wednesday of last week.

Marriage Licenses
Geo. Nolls, 22, Dekoven, Ky.
Martha Miller, 22, Dekoven, Ky.

15 July 1898
Marriage Licenses
Jas. T. Williams, 22, Tilden, Ky.
Callie Gibson, 19, Tilden, Ky.

9 September 1898
Dave S. Stevens, a prominent farmer of Union County, Ky., aged about 75 years, committed suicide Aug. 29th, by hanging himself with a plow line at his home at Mt. Olive, near Henshaw. Family troubles, it is said, caused him to commit the deed. He had been despondent for some time but it was not thought that he entertained any such ideas as that carried out by his suicide.

14 October 1898
Marriage Licenses
R.M. Cullen, 29, Gum Springs, Ky.
Ollie R. Cullen, 20, Gum Springs, Ky.

Guy Cary, 25, Henshaw, Ky.
Ida McMurray, 16, Henshaw, Ky.

Amos Kuykendall, 36, Sturgis, Ky.
Nettie Steel, 32, Sturgis, Ky.

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