Sunday, May 23, 2010

James P. Barnett, Attorney At Law

James P. Barnett Esq.
Attorney at Law
Son of
Rev. John Barnett
was born July 25th
died Aug. 7th

Buried Adamson Cemetery, Caldwell County, Kentucky. This tombstone is unusual in that it lists the occupation of the decedent. Submitted by Jared Nelson of the Times-Leader.

Rev. John Barnett, father of James P. Barnett, was affiliated with the Cumberland Presbyterian church and came to Caldwell County after being ordained in 1815 by the Logan Presbytery. He was pastor of the Bethlehem and Piney Fork congregations and was, for a time, connected to Cumberland College.

According to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church website Mr. Barnett "lost his eldest son, a young man of rather unusual promise. He was one of the early graduates of Cumberland College."


villette1 said...

Brenda, I'm wondering if there is any connection to the Barnett Chapel in Crittenden County. Now I think it is called Barnett Chapel Road with Barnett Chapel Church (not sure of affiliation of denomination). Might be interesting in 'poking into.'

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

I'm not sure why Barnett Chapel Church was given that particular name, but it is a Baptist church and, according to "The Churches in Our County" by the Crittenden County Ministerial Association, it was organized in 1911.