Sunday, May 9, 2010

Webster County, Kentucky Ministers

Kentucky required ministers to post bond with surety with the agreement that the minister would not violate the laws of Kentucky regarding marriages. The following entries have been abstracted from Webster County, Kentucky Ministers Bond Book. The information is presented in this order: Name of minister, church affiliation, date of bond.

L.O. Nichols, General Baptist Church, 4 August 1939.

John William Robison, Missionary Baptist Church, 22 August 1939.

J. Walter Robison, Baptist, 29 August 1939.

H.E. Oakley, General Baptist Church, 8 December 1939.

Owen G. Brooks, Missionary Baptist Church, 11 December 1939.

Alpha Warren, no church listed, 19 February 1940.

C.F. Sanner, Christian Church, 2 July 1940.

J.A.G. Lu Valle, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 22 July 1940.

Lonnie Jennings, no church listed, 10 May 1941.

Minvil L. Clark, General Baptist Church, 19 July 1941.

Ben F. Head, no church listed, 30 October 1941.

A.R. Poole, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1 May 1941.

Curtis W. Posey of Florence, Alabama, Church of Christ, 25 July 1942.

Elder M.J. Freeman of Wheatcroft, Kentucky, Assembly of Church of Christ Holiness, 12 August 1942.

L.D. Brantley, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 6 August 1943.

O.E. Fulcher, General Baptist Church, 28 August 1943.

Rev. C.W. Duffer, General Baptist Church, 24 November 1943.

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