Thursday, July 21, 2011

CSA Widow's Pension - Martha P. Blackburn

In 1912, Kentucky began awarding pensions to men who were veterans of the Confederate army. On 18 May 1914, indigent widows of Confederate soldiers became eligible for pensions. One copy of the application was sent to the Confederate Pension Office in Frankfort, Kentucky and one copy was retained in the county courthouse. The following record has been abstracted from the copy in the Caldwell County, Kentucky Clerk's Office.

Martha P. Blackburn Pension #2923
Martha P. Blackburn of Princeton, Kentucky applied for an indigent widow's pension on 26 June 1914. She was born Martha P. McGregor 6 January 1856 and married James Edward Blackburn in Caldwell County. James Edward Blackburn was born 18 June 1831 in Caldwell County and served in Co. D, 1st Kentucky Cavalry for 12 months. He was discharged as a 12 months volunteer in November 1862 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. His death occurred 14 June 1914 in Caldwell County.

Mrs. Blackburn owns 120 acres of poor land and one old horse. Her family consists of herself and Virgil Blackburn.

Joseph Boitnott and J.W.M. Morse stated they have known Martha P. Blackburn 50 years and she has resided in the northern part of Caldwell County all her life. They also knew her husband about 50 years and enlisted with him in the fall of 1861 in J.K. Hughes' Company of the 1st Kentucky Cavalry. On 16 February 1862, James E. Blackburn was captured at Fort Donaldson.


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