Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Elijah R. and Martha E. Hatcher

Elijah R. Hatcher
1856 - 1925
Martha E.
His Wife
1861 - 1934

Buried Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky. Tombstone photographed 2 July 2011.

According to his death certificate, Elijah R. Hatcher was born 6 April 1856 Ohio County, Kentucky and died in Henderson 27 September 1925. His parents were George J. Hatcher and Elizabeth Bennett. Elijah R. Hatcher was a police desk sergeant.

Martha E. Hatcher was born 9 April 1857 Padiham, England and died 3 June 1934, according to her death certificate. Her parents were Jas. Austin, born England, and Bridget Keeling, born Ireland.

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