Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hodge Separation Agreement 1854

John A. Hodge and Mary Reese married 12 January 1842 Livingston County, Kentucky. Things did not go well for the couple, which resulted in the following very interesting document. It is recorded in Crittenden County Deed Book D, page 163.

Articles of Agreement made and entered into this 21st day of April 1854 between John A. Hodge and Polly Hodge, both of the County of Crittenden ... Witnesseth that whereas we have tried in vain for a number of years to live together as man and wife should do in peace but being now thoroughly satisfied that such cannot be we hereby agree to separate and not attempt to live together as man and wife agreeing and binding ourselves to stay aloof the one from the other and never again recognizing each other as husband and wife and the sd. John hereby relinquishes all claim to every kind or species of property which came to Polly in through [sic] or by her father, Elisha Reese or from his estate he also relinquished all right or claim to all the household & kitchen furniture of every description. He also relinquishes all claim to all the cattle now in the meat house save 100 lbs & Polly agrees and binds herself never to become a charge on John A. Hodge in any way or to look to him for any portion of her support maintenance or raiment in any manner. In witness whereof they have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date above written. [signed] John A. Hodge, Mary Hodge. Witness: R.G. Stewart, I.H. Clement, Henry R.D. Coleman.

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My dear ggg-grandparents. Why do I think they are not resting in peace?