Thursday, August 2, 2012

Union County Squirrel Hunt 1845

The following article appeared in the Illinois State Gazette, published in Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois on Thursday, 17 April 1845. Gallatin County is directly across the Ohio River from Union County, Kentucky. It is always interesting to know what our ancestors did for entertainment.

A squirrel hunt came off on last Saturday in Union County, Ky, opposite this place. The two parties numbered about 40 year under Capts. Cockrell and Churchill and brought in over 900 scalps. Capt. Churchill's party came off victorious, being about 235 scalps ahead. A sumptuous barbecue was given, in which many of our citizens participated, These are the pleasures of the West, of the enjoyments of which our eastern friends know nothing. On these occasions all political strifs [sic] are forgotten, and friend meets friend on terms of social liberality which gives a zest to the every day concerns of life. A "Fish-fry" is to be held in the same neighborhood next Saturday, on the river, and on Saturday following another squirrel hunt, at which the crack sportsmen and "dead shots" of the whole neighborhood intend to be present. By that time the heavy and pressing spring work will be mostly over and it is expected that all will be able to attend, and spend a day in the interchange of friendly courtesies.

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