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Crittenden County Guardians 1866

The intention of the law regarding guardians was to protect the rights of children who were orphans or not old enough to care for their own business. If an underage child inherited property, a guardian was often appointed to protect his interests. A guardian might also be appointed to represent the child in a law suit (guardian ad litem). At the age of 14 years, a child was allowed to choose his own guardian, but with the county court’s approval. If under age 14, the county court had the responsibility of appointing the guardian for the child. The following entries have been abstracted from County Court Order Book 3 (1861-1868), Crittenden County Clerk’s Office, Marion, Kentucky. Additional information may be found in a separate Guardians' Settlement Book.

G.H. Towry was appointed guardian for Aaron Towry, over the age of 14, 8 January 1866.

J.W. Cook was appointed guardian for Wm. Jones, Fredrick L., Alice Ann, Joseph F. and Peter E. Cook, infants and heirs of J.W. Cook, 8 January 1866.

D.W. Deboe was appointed guardian for Miss Nancy Susan Jennings, over the age of 14, 9 January 1866.

Mrs. Tempy Ann McConnell was appointed guardian for Thos. J., Sarah L., Pricy J., John C., Richard T., Wm. F. and Jeff Davis McConnell, 5 March 1866.

T.S.C. Asher was appointed guardian for Wm. F., Susan E., Jesse S. and Daniel B. Stephens, the first three named being over the age of 14, 12 March 1866.

A.D. Crider was appointed guardian for James J. Scott, infant and heir of Alexander Scott dec'd, 23 April 1866.

Matthew Worley was appointed guardian for Matthew M., Martha, R.R., Mary E. and Raymoth Worley, 11 June 1866.

S. Hodge was appointed guardian ad litem for J.R., Bettie W., Stokely P., Kate and James W. Henson, infant and heirs of J.C. Henson dec'd in a law suit of W.W. Johnson against J.C. Henson Heirs, 11 June 1866.

Yateman S. Mabry was appointed guardian for Zachariah W., Martha A., Rebecca E., Sarah E. and Amanda L. Mabry, infants of Frances A. Mabry, 13 August 1866.

G.W. Winders was appointed guardian for Robert Young, infant and heir of Wm. A. Young dec'd, 10 September 1866.

R.J. Larrue was appointed guardian for Alfred N. Stallions, infant and heir of Josiah Stallions dec'd, 8 October 1866.

Willoby Guess was appointed guardian for Thomas C., Rebecca A., Theodrick, Mary Jane, Ellen and Joseph Guess, 8 October 1866.

John H. Turley was appointed guardian for James C., Nancy Jane, Margaret A. and Elisabeth Turley, 15 October 1866.

Wm. Flanary was appointed guardian for James and Charles Nelson, infants and heirs of Nathaniel Nelson dec'd, 15 October 1866.

Mrs. Mary Sanderson was appointed guardian for John, James, Eliza Jane, Charles and Laura Sanderson, infants and heirs of Thos. H. Sanderson dec'd, 5 November 1866.

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