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Handlin - Trimble - Ford Connections

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Isaac Trimble Handlin was connected by blood to one of the most well-known families in Livingston County, Kentucky. He was born 14 February 1832 to John T. Handlin and Catherine Trimble, who married 16 October 1828.

Before her marriage, Catherine Trimble, daughter of James Trimble, had given birth to a son, Francis, whose father was Philip Ford, son of the notorious James Ford of Fords Ferry Ohio in present-day Crittenden County. In Philip Ford's will (Livingston County Will Book A, page 145, recorded 1 June 1833), he mentions his son, "Francis Ford, now living with me and whom I own as my son." Proof of the relationship between Francis Ford and Catherine Trimble is found in Livingston County Inventory Book D, page 250, when Philip Ford's estate was being settled. It is stated "a summons for Mrs. Catherine Handlin the Mother of Phil Fords child ..."

Apparently, Francis Ford did not live with Catherine Trimble Handlin. When he was age 14, Francis was allowed to choose his own guardian and, on 13 January 1845 in Crittenden County, he chose Henry R.D. Coleman, according to Crittenden County Court Order Book 1, page 72.

Joseph T. and Catherine (Trimble) Handlin had several children, including William, Isaac T., Elizabeth J., Margaret, Mary C. and Lavinia Caroline, according to the 1850 Crittenden County census. Catherine died in 1850, Joseph T. died in 1855 and Lavinia C. died in 1860. All are buried in White's Chapel Cemetery, Crittenden County.

In 1859, Isaac Trimble Handlin married Rosa B. Clark in Marshall County. By 1870, they were living in Smithland, where Isaac was a practicing attorney. The 1870 Livingston County census shows Isaac and Rosa with the following children in their household: Clara, Maggie and Frank. In addition, they had William R., Joseph D. and Mary Trimble, all of whom died as infants.

Isaac T. Handlin died in 1882 and is buried in Smithland Cemetery next to his infant children. The symbol at the top of his tombstone indicates he was a Mason.

In memory of
I.T. Handlin
Born Feb. 14, 1832
Died May 9, 1882

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